Only Way GOP Knows To Try To Get Rid Of Marcy-Gerrymandering!

The GOP has been unable to run a credible person against Marcy Kaptur in all the years she has served in Congress. They are using a desperate and despicable trick to try to oust her. Here is what Teresa Fedor has to say in her own words: Floor Speech about Gerrymandered Redistricting Proposal (9.15.2011)
by Teresa Fedor on Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 3:33pm. I stand opposed to H.B. 319. The proposed congressional map we have before us today is indefensible. This extreme gerrymandering will lead to further political dysfunction. Clearly, gerrymandered maps will make it hard to represent effectively. In fact, this morning, the Columbus Dispatch referred to the H.B. 319 maps as a continuation of “enshrined extremism.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have missed the mark here for all Ohioans – the bottom line is, we need competitive congressional districts. Voters should choose their politicians instead of politicians choosing their voters.

This process has produced a map that regular people from across Ohio have not been able to testify about. We are passing a proposed map without input from the average Ohioan – and that includes women, African Americans, veterans, Polish Americans – whoever has a stake in re-districting.

You mentioned that we conducted hearings across the state – these were “sham hearings,” according to the Toledo Blade. It may have looked like they were accepting public input, but because the proposed map the majority has endorsed was not produced until earlier this week, no one has been able to give meaningful analysis and testimony that addresses the maps we are voting on today.

More importantly, most of the legislators who were able to see a map were still not aware of the details of the map – there is no street-level depiction of the districts. We cannot vote in ignorance. And even if we get the details of the map, we need time to study them and to show them to our constituents for feedback.

For true transparency, the member of the legislature and the member of the State Government Committee in particular should know how the bill compares to the census track. We have not been allowed the time to do this.

We should do the right thing and wait. Because this vote affects every Ohioan, the ethical and moral thing to do is to wait. We need to be able to vote with meaningful opportunity for the public to weigh in. We need to be able to vote intelligently and know exactly what we are voting for.

For the past decade, Ohio has been a 50/50 state politically, but on average has had an unfair 60/40 Republican-leaning congressional delegation. Ohioans deserve an open, transparent process with honest public input.

Gerrymandering districts is bad public policy. I want to address my area of Lucas County. H.B. 319 has rendered Lucas County – and especially Toledo – powerless. Clearly, Toledoans will see this map as political special interest trumping the public interest.

Now, the Toledo area will be split 3 times and District 9 will run from the edge of Toledo and snakes along Lake Erie all the way to Cuyahoga County. The district is only a precinct wide in some places and breaks near Sandusky where it is connected only by water. It has 5 county splits and 10 city or township splits. Historically, Toledo has not been split up in this fashion since the Civil War.

Right now, people in Toledo are shell-shocked. One constituent from Toledo wrote to me to say that “we are one city and one county with common needs and common issues facing our residents …” Another constituent wrote: “I am part of Toledo and now my representative who stands up for all of Northwest Ohio is being taken away.” How can a portion of Toledo be represented by someone who is not even from Northwest Ohio? Nobody does a better job and knows Toledo like Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

I believe that this map – especially in my region – is not drawn fairly with the public interest in mind and will lead to more political dysfunction. I urge defeat of this bill.


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1) The Democrat Reps from Cuyahoga County voted in favor of the map

2) the Democrat caucus was given equal funding for drawing a map of their own for consideration by the State Government and Elections Committee - yet I can find nowhere that they actually drew up a map or made suggestions/recommendations to the committee.

If anyone has a link to any Democrat caucus proposals, I'd appreciate it they'd share it.

Additionally, I'm not sure how partisan this map actually is considering that three Republican and three Democrat incumbents were drawn into overlapping territories - though I'm not thrilled with the new CD-9 and how Lucas County is now divided, perhaps some people are happy (not all our suburban communities like being linked to Toledo).

That being said, I do believe they could have given some time for the public to weigh in on the matter. As it has passed the house, we can always call our state senators...

Kaptur doesn't keep getting re-elected because she does a great job. She keeps getting re-elected because there so many incredibly stupid sheep in N.W. Ohio.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

"We are passing a proposed map without input from the average Ohioan"

You couldn't be more wrong. It's called voting.

The maps are voted on by our legislatures who the average Ohioan can easily vote in or out of office.

It's been that way since 1787.


I get the Tea Party dude.

anything that can get rid of Marcy!

Doesn't she have 5 houses next to each other in the same neighborhood, in Toledo? Just saw one off at the foundation, and move it to the new district, and go to Miracle Mile, for an updated drivers' license.

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