I guess rules don't apply to elected officials in Toledo either....

Rules are rules, Lindsay. If you are late, you need to be taken off the ballot. I wish they would give the date the envelope was stamped, as that would determine when it was mailed and the true intentions! But, Lindsay is a fighter and won't let a "technicality" stop her!


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This..."woman"...is the epitome of the Toledo politician. A political hack, her zany ideas are too numerous to type on my phone. But, my recent favorite is her "urban beach" demand for the marina district. And that was a demand of her's, make no mistake. Well, her and her union bosses.

Also, if you know you're cutting it close on deadline, you don't send the most important documents of your political career from 50 miles out of state. This, just another of her countless mistakes. She's the laughing stock of city politics, and in Toledo, that's tough to do.

Also, to give you an idea just how liberal this creature is...her last name is Webb, as you know. "Ms." Webb is married. But, that's not what her last name is supposed to be. You see, not only did Webb NOT take her husband's last name...she didn't even hyphenate it!!!! Ouch! She kept her own last name. Weirddddddd! I feel sorry for her husband.

Well if his last name is Schmimsey then I totally agree with her.


How Lindsay felt when someone else didn't folllow the rules -“It’s unfortunate that Mr. DeCamp, as a first time candidate, appears to have violated Ohio’s election laws,” Webb said. “It is critical that these laws be followed, they were created to ensure fair play in our election process.” Rothenbuler's opinion- “I would think we all live up to the same rules, which really since everybody is really careful about rules in the Board of Elections, and everything I’ve seen lately is that whatever the rules say you should or shouldn’t do I would hope that those same rules apply to everybody.”
Of course this concerned her opponent not filing the proper paperwork naming his campaign treasurer, so it's completely different than her not filing her nomination acceptance form. Well that, and the fact that she has union ties of course.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Election laws only apply to Republicans. Breaking them applies only to Democrats. And the Green Party candidate is a joke. In the Blade story today, he says she obeyed the spirit of the law. Spirit of the law doesn't count. It's the letter of the law. If our country wants us to obey the spirit of the law, we will be making up the laws as we go to suit our selves.


The Union owned puppet and tool Lindsay Webb says that the American Postal Workers Union is the reason she is not on the Ballot?

I wonder what the Detroit district Area Local of the APWU has to say about being blamed by Lindsay Webb for screwing up and shafting her.


Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

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