All Democrats running for school board? Has not been that way for years

For the first time in years there is no endorsed Republican running for Toledo school board. I thought there were swarms of people ready to do Jon Stainbrook's bidding at his beck and call? Or is it a sign things are worse than ever? At least for this race, that is the case.

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Chris, this is part of a very long term downward trend for Toledo. As you know personally, Toledo's moron voters rejected all sane alternatives so decisively some years ago that we're going to have to endure a generation of one-two punches:

1. Republicans just give up and leave the area entirely.
2. Democrats swarm into government since that's where the only money left over is.

As the TPS district continues to lose students that perform, and gets more loaded up with students that are just in a holding pattern until the prisons can take them upon attaining adulthood, the system will turn into a welfare hell almost entirely. It's a downward spiral.

The TPS has only one mission now, in practical terms, entirely designed by Democrats, Liberals, Socialists, Unionists and other such society-destroying scum: Hold onto unwanted children until they are graduated into jails.

I only wish I was joking about this. But I meant every word.

What I don't understand is why they are running as Democrats or Republicans, endorsed or otherwise. School Board is a non-partisan race throughout the state. Look at the suburbs, both in Lucas and Wood Counties. Generally, you don't see D or R, let alone endorsed.

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