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Marcy won't go unless the redistricting makes it too hard for her to keep her seat. From all indications that doesn't appear to be the case. The State GOP is focusing on Dennis Kucinich, who in turn is looking to move to Washington and run for their 2nd Congressional District, which may turn a very blue seat red.

"local Republican Party must find a candidate who can defeat Kaptur and let her enjoy retirement which she so richly deserves." The local GOP is run by a Blade hand picked Democrat. I wouldn't hold your breath for a candidate who could beat her. Former Chief Smith was our best hope in the last election but he lost to Rich Iott in the primary again because RINO's flood the local GOP primaries.

"The local unions who support her in every election are not looking out for the interests of all of the 9th District." Are you surprised? They don't even look out for their workers anymore. The new hires at the local Chrysler plant are going to be paid less than what those in a Right to Work state. Something they've told us constituted a attack on the working class.

Besides the Tea Party is so racist they're supporing a black man for President. http://www.american.com/archive/2011/june/black-tea-1


Was added to the 9th district and more like-minded rural districts it would help defeat her. Also, if more non-union voters would wake up and vote against union puppets like Kaptur she would get the boot!

I agree but I don't think the State GOP sees any hope of a credible Republican being able to compete in the city of Toledo. I too share that view. All you have to do is look at the results of the elections from the past 20 years and you will see how braindead the voters have become. The same names, the same results, the same unions and newspaper calling the shots.


The same names will call the shots until there's little to call the shots about. We have what seems to be one of the most complacent electorates in the USA. This electorate looked at the huge failure of Jack Ford and sat his worthless ass into a Board of Ed seat. This electorate put Crazy Carty back in the mayor's seat. We're doing this to ourselves.

Need I remind you that our Presidential succession was almost Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

What you fail to realize is while yes would could have had that scenario but actually we had flip flops of the two major politcal parties. So are you advocating a third party?

Secondly Toledo has not had the benefit of R-D-R-D. It's been D-D-D-D.

Honestly I don't even have a problem with D-D-D-D if the Dems were bringing new blood to the table. They're not. In fact the last time a Republican was in the mayor's seat the seat was less powerful than what it is now because we had a city manager.

We still have the same family names in Toledo politics we've had for years: McNamara, Copeland, Ludeman, Skeldon, even McHugh. During all of those mayors and city councils with the same family names we've had a string of BAD ideas and projects. COSI, ESM, Marina District, Steamplant Renovation just to name a few.

Until the citizens of Toledo begin electing new leaders the city will continue to fail. It should rename itself South Flint.


So? Stupid voters are still responsible for their stupidity. Listen to MikeyA. How Toledoans vote for continued Democrat inept administration is exactly the problem. We need lower taxes. We need less government. Democrats will never invoke those things. Toledoans are such morons they largely vote to achieve the opposite to those. We aren't a First World economy any more, so we need to obliterate all those First World rules which are just too damned expensive and restricting to survive.

OK, so who we elect then. I don't want a corporate puppet anymore than I want a union puppet. But from I read here most would want a corporate puppet. Well, be careful of what you wish for.

...what corporation would be in control of an elected puppet in Toledo? From what I've seen, most businesses in Toledo stay out of the political fray - which, in some instances, is part of the problem. Too many fail to speak up when bad policies (ones that negatively impact their ability to grow and expand and hire) are under consideration. In fact, some might even say that their lack of involvement gives the 'other side' a free pass, resulting in no balance.


When they moved out of the Toledo limits and moved to the outlying areas. Perrysburg, Monclova, et al have seen the fortune 500 firms move their, leaving Toledo proper without.

Yes, voting with your feet and voting with your dollars. Corporations did both around here, not that the politicians really heard those votes for what they really meant. The real problem is the corporations that voted implicitly by arm-twisting the local government to get tax breaks.

As long as the voters themselves keep selecting the same Democrat names on ballots, and as long as businesses keep fleeing, Toledo will continue collapsing economically. There is no other rational outcome. What voters keep seeing on the ballots and for the future, mystifies me. It's a study in intentional ignorance. When did excessive and patently unfair taxation ever improve society? Never. Yet Toledoans constantly assume increased taxing and spending will improve what's happening.

You're supposed to want the fiscal conservative. Find that person and vote for her. When your fellows muse about the same thing, bring it up as a conversational topic and state the same thing. Stop trusting your fellow Toledoans to do the right thing, since it's clear they haven't done that in generations. Get them to at least admit they are the enemy of the common man. Shame them into doing the right thing. Ostracize and belittle those who resist. This is a war for the future, and right now, we common men are losing spectacularly. We're going to turn into Detroit; blighted, heavily taxed, and held in contempt and underserved by our so-called public servants.

You're supposed to want minimal government, since you're supposed to value liberty and citizen organization. Vote for that at least. Work on your recalcitrant fellow citizens as a follow-up effort. Step by step, however slow it must be, we must change our Detroit-ed future or be consumed by it.

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