Letter to the superintendent about Lisa Sobecki

Sent via e-mail:
Mr. Pecko, Further to my request for permission to document the interior of the skills center, I bring to your attention a matter that was sent to me.

The source is well known and respected.

As you know we have had an extremely difficult time with a particular TPS/OSFC board member on all issues in the urban community. This has been going on for years. This has, in our minds, become a reality.and will not be swayed by those that say that they see no conflict. We are puzzled as too why the issue is not of concern to the TPS structure. It affects the schools, the community, politics the law and the image of Toledo.

I have expressed to you that we have agreed to work with you in particular as we have no confidence in some of the motives and actions of some of the TPS board members.

The Toledo School Board should not be in the control of one person who has been able to solely hold the reins of this vital institution as perceived by the community.

We are fearful that working with you will be hindered by the fact that another person is perceived as having more authority than you and the majority of the school board and is is in complete control of its members while possessing questionable credentials and questionable legal standing.

Since this information has just been brought to our attention and research shows that nothing publicly has been done about it, while a new campaign for the school board is being conducted, we can only conclude that it is either being swept under the carpet or that it is condoned...on your watch.

Either way we are hoping that we will not have to seek permission from the named individual on community and TPS activities until this matter is resolved.legally and.publicly

If legal action has been initiated to correct this issue I apologize

Warren Woodberry


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