The REAL Effects Of Anti-Union

Here is a real life situation that will affect the working class. The State of Michigan is cutting pay and benefits yet again for its teachers. My wife will be making $18,000 less starting next year then she made two years ago. The State agreed to a CONTRACT for pay raises if teachers get their Masters degree at their own expense. Yet. the State and Republicans BROKE LEGAL CONTRACTS and gave teachers (who are now thousands in debt for schooling) pay decreases.

That is $18,000 we will not have to spend to support local business in Bedford and Toledo...that affects business bottom lines. Also, one of the benefits was Chiropractic care....that is now gone....our Chiropractor will be losing over 50 customers who cannot afford his care without the insurance. The PRIVATE BUSINESS OWNER chiropractor will now not make the salary he would have to buy things in the community. He must now lay off three workers...who will now not have paychecks to spend in the community...they must now get unemployment and taxpayers expense.

Do you see the affect? This is the TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS the Republicans love so much....

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Oh and how much does your wife make?...including bennies...

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

So you're saying your wife has a job. You're very fortunate.

I pay for medical care and it doesn't cover a chiropractic. I do just fine and I'd bet I have my physical ailments than your wife because physical endurance is a part of my job.


Kooz, given your recent financial hardship you should save money every way you can.

The President recommends you "think about a trade-in"

C'mon Kooz. Just buy a new car. You've got to spend money to make money!

Have you seen the new Volt. It's only 40k and you get $7500!!!! Think of the savings!

By spending over double of the income you've lost you're going to reap so many rewards down the road. Plus think of how much your gas bill will go down. Add in the comfort of knowing that you're supporting another union who got bailed out.

So I guess the question is not can you afford it but how can you not?!!!


I'll be getting a motorcycle in the next year or so. According to my figures, every $800-1000 that I spend on the motorcycle will take a year of driving to re-coup from gas savings. I hear you can find used scooters for just about that price, and they get even higher fuel efficiency, so the payback is essentially during the first year.

I still see the roads jammed with SUVs and vans and trucks. Walkers and bicycle riders are rare. People are morons and resist change until the last option.

Kooz, the notion that you need well-paid government workers in order to have proper economic stimulus -- which is exactly what you implied -- is so wrongheaded that there's little point in continuing this conversation along those lines.

But I will say this: Finally you government workers are experiencing the same economy that we in the private sector have "enjoyed" for years now. Welcome to reality. And those legal contracts? They can't be honored if there's no money. It's the same issue as in civil bankruptcy. You might have a contract, but you're just going to have to settle for a percentage of what's owed.

Welcome to deflation. Find cheaper housing; there's plenty of it around.

I wonder if Kooz and his kind know that teachers and all other government workers are paid from STICK-UP ECONOMICS? We are robbed at gunpoint through taxes, for these classes of highly overpaid workers, due to their large salaries, huge benefits and unbelievably large retirements. The very structure of working for 20 years and then getting a paycheck for the rest of your life, is perverse and economically unsustainable.

Compensation for teachers advanced under vicious unions and insular negotiations that excluded the taxpayers, until it all became a huge mistake. That mistake is now being corrected, much like home prices were another huge mistake and their falling is merely the correction. Deflation is the correction. Inflated wages and prices and benefits and retirements were MISTAKES.

Math and economics says so. Only Liberal ideology say it's not.

I wonder if Kooz's wife has a financial planner like the teacher I saw on the news last year from Mich. whose "financial planner" told her she couldn't afford to retire.

I also wonder how many of the kid's parents she teaches have enough money to warrant having a financial planner.

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