With the recent controversey regarding the Lucas County Board of Elections, does our vote mean anything?

Our vote means nothing
53% (21 votes)
Our vote matters
38% (15 votes)
Don't know
3% (1 vote)
Don't care
8% (3 votes)
Total votes: 40
Your rating: None Average: 5 (2 votes)

I'm glad to see Swamp Bubblers respond to this poll. Does anyone have any ideas how to make sure our votes count?

As long as voters insist on being partisans, and then tolerate a party machine running every municipality, then you'll never be sure.

There's next to zero actual democracy in the U.S. There are only two parties that win 99.9% of elections, and each voting district is strongly dominated by a party political machine from one or the other party. Corporations buy off both of these sides, of course, so you have no hope of stopping their destroying of the middle class.

As long as we have the powers that be like the daily local, Redfern, DeWine and a State House that is over 3 hours away, we will be victim of who-ever was in charge the last five minutes.

"We have the Board of Elections they want us to have!" The problems we have now were started before Taft was Governor. In addition we now have players waiting in the wings who have been anointed and are more than willing to continue the tradition and perhaps start a few screwy ones of their own.

You may fire as many of the staff as you want, but the goal is to make headlines for the Blade and sell newspapers. This is one of their many gold mines to justify the existence of the daily rag and entertain us peasants.

Mr. Apathy

Even though I don't know if my vote counts, I vote anyway hoping it does. Back in the sixties all types of good citizens were beaten and some killed to give everybody that privilege and exercise that privilege. It is a scared privilege in our Republic. Regardless of my issues with our Country, I've seen what is like in many other countries. Even though I think we need vast improvements, I say, God Bless America.