Japan has conceded defeat in the battle to contain radiation at four of its reactors. Officials said power will be shut down and the reactors will be abandoned to keep nuclear fuel rods cool.But guess what?

it really means the USA is next for fallout...next meaning its already here they found elevated levels of radiation in the US Milk supply,... but just drink your milk quietly... the radiation is insignificant. Buwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "snort" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa in the Government we trust, Buwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok, whew...

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Next concern do we believe the globalist that all is safe from Japanese imports? The Japanese do not even believe their own government's safe zone of 20 miles from the nuclear plants. The United States has issued a 50 mile radius safe zone for Americans. We've seen the contaminated dog food, toothpaste, and sulfuric drywall from China that no one seemed to catch before Americans were sickened. Even Chinese steel products have been found with spent uranium mix with steel in American homes releasing unsafe levels of radioactivity. How are our ports going to stop the import of radioactive products from Japan?

Recycled radioactive metal contaminates consumer products
Submitted by SHNS on Wed, 06/03/2009
By ISAAC WOLF, Scripps Howard News Service

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Wow, just think, folks will be able to buy a Toyota that won't need headlights.....it'll glow in the dark.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Sign me up for one of those badboys.

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

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