Bored of the Board of Elections

We have here locally, the Lucas County Board of Elections they want us to have!

The keepers at the daily local have things so wrapped around their finger, they should just be called media pimps for how they control the agenda and the parties involved. They do all this then send out their underpaid cub reporters and report back with righteous indignation "look at what we found!"

How many times do we have to hear stories of party bosses or candidates traveling to Pittsburgh to kiss the ring?

How many other people than Linda Howe or Jeremy Demegall have been fired or quit with no change in business? The problems with the BOE predate the tenure of these two and was under probation when Blackwell was Secretary of State. Seems to me there is something to profit from to be in perpetual chaos.

How many times do we have to be ignored by the State Party Bosses that enjoy the status quo? You can't tell me Redfern or DeWine haven't been summoned? What deals have they made?

Now that we have Ben Marsh to replace, will that be another lacky of the daily local that will be installed? You know who wanted that job since last year?

Let's face it, we really don't have any control of our local elections and nothing will be fixed at the BOE as long Democrats and Republicans are marionettes to the man with a bow tie in Pennsylvania.

I have a suggestion to the local news daily. Find something else to write about. The BOE has become to predictable.

Below I have included a Free Press Article for your reference.

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