Where have you gone, Toledoans?

Newest census figures show Toledo drops way below 300 grand. No doubt the lack of jobs is killing us. I'ms sure there are many other reasons for it, too.

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Crime and the terrible school system are other key elements in forcing people to flee. However, Toledoans are leaving too so that they can avoid living a life of frugality that is the only possible future for those who remain.

The wiki on Toledo shows that the population drop places us around 1930-45. There was a population bump around 1930 that mars the data's smoothness.

Considering that we're steadily wiping out the population gains from the 20th Century, it seems insane to ever propose that we're going to "recover". To recover, you need a progressive industrial base. Our base is regressive, and is fleeing anyway. Recovery is literally impossible.

In the 1930s, people had to take care of a lot more of stuff on their own. And that's what we will have to do, regardless of the yuppies and pre-rich and other motherfuckers who don't understand reality. They will scream and yell all the way down to home gardening, woodburning stoves, and a host of frankly illegal means of living for yourself. The screams of the delusional won't bother me. It's all the government reaction to our means of adjusting to capitalist abandonment that will concern me.

In closing I note with significant amusement that the Decennial Census tally is almost exactly what the American Housing Survey said it is, back before the Census got started around here. Our crooked, insane mayor Carty insisted that the AHS's solid sampling techniques were in error and that we couldn't have dropped that much ... while the rest of us who were sane had been noting huge flight from the city, resulting in hordes of abandoned housing. So Carty was dead wrong. And of course he was wrong, since he only complained for political reasons, relating to federal and state welfare funding, and not for any reason related to HONESTY. Well, that fucker Carty was just a liar. And too many Toledoans continued to support his lying ass, even when informed about Carty's lies. The data-collection and statistical techniques of the Census are a well-established science and there's no sane or honest way to poke holes in them. Anyone who does so and keeps playing the media on the effort is just another lying Liberal whore who's after more free welfare money from the feds and other Ohioans.

The Blade story reported that Mayor Bell thought the census was done very professionally. Who can argue with that? Oh, yes...there is one guy who would dispute the new Toledo population.


Another reason people leave Toledo is that there is a high number of "Haters" here. You don't have to know these people. If "Haters" get wind that you are trying to do something positive and beneficial, they will join your critics and try to crush you. If you are successful anyway, they expect you to share the majority of your successes with them or give them something for free. In addition, as long as I can remember there seems to be a multitude of scam artist in Toledo. In some of the circles I've been around it appears the popular philosophy is, "fake it till you make it." While they are faking-it, they are also busy trying to discredit competent people to eliminate any competition. These people congregate together and support each other to make it difficult, if not impossible, for talented people to do anything. In short, the patients are running the asylum. I returned to Toledo several years ago because some family matters needed my daily attention. In retrospect, I should have been more creative and found a way to handle those family matters from afar and stayed where I was.

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