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Following the multi day stories on Brian Wilson not living in the area while still commenting on Toledo politics, I was looking for the Blade story about Al Sharpton doing the exact same thing. I couldn't find it anywhere. If you find the link to the Blade story post it here and I'll give the first one to post a prize. Must be a legitimate Blade story though which can be hard enough to find anyway.

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I sometimes wonder how Brian can do the show from Virginia. No, not from a technological standpoint. Personally, how can he wake up and do a show about Toledo when he's nowhere near the city? It's disingenuous.

It's like if I was a big Yankees fan, had the game on satellite, and called the play-by-play from Toledo as if I was in the damn stadium.

I absolutely love Brian's politics, but this goes to WSPD's integrity.

Wait for it...wait for that a keyboard I hear? Yep, it's the wolfman typing about WSPD's "integrity."

Meh...dont care.

Call is still toll free...I never have any trouble getting on the Air...

The really ironic thing is...I bet Fred would give dogboy his own segment just to see him make a fool out himself to all thirteen of us listeners...

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

If you did not have a copy of the Blade, you would have no radio show.

Patience is a great virtue.

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