Story on Abducted South Toledo Girl


I'm puzzled by a couple of things relating to the coverage of the story about the young developmentally disabled girl abducted and found in South Toledo.

Wonder what the swamp-folk think.

The Blade stories about the abduction say she was "abducted by two black men who forced her into a van." A story the other day went so far as to describe the scene...the men pulled up in a van, told her to get in, and when she refused, one of the men grabbed her by the throat and forced her into the van.

Neither Friday's story, nor today's (which is a virtual rehash of the first story) uses the word ALLEGEDLY, nor does either story say how the police know that two black men forced her into a van. The stories do not say that "the girl says" this happened, nor that "witnesses say," that this is what happened. So where is this information coming from? WHO SAYS this happened? And why isn't anyone telling us who says that this happened?

Further, Friday's story was a bit wacky, telling readers that the girl slipped out of the house without permission at 6 pm. A couple of sentences later, we learn that she has a 9 pm curfew, which she always adheres to. Huh?

The story also oddly tells us that she is banned from Facebook and email, and doesn't have a cellphone because her parents are concerned about her friending too many people.

I wonder what the connection is? Why were these things brought out to the reporter and why did the reporter feel the need to provide this information, yet no need to tell us WHO SAYS two black men abducted her under what circumstances...

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exactly. This child (supposedly with the mind of a 5-7 year old) is being kept under lock and key (no facebook, no cell phone, no email, etc.) because of past behavior not as a normal deterrent for future behavior. Imo she has presented behaviors to her parent/parents that were cause for concern considering her disability. She probably knew who she was with, probably stayed too late, was afraid to go home and a story had to be concocted to excuse her behavior. Happens all of the time.

Purnhrt....this is exactly what I was thinking. I am just disappointed that the area news organs are playing along. Everything from the explanation of WHY she is so sheltered with regard tosocial networking to who says what happened to her is being surpressed.

Now, honestly, if she really does have the mental capacity of a 7-year-old, then she cannot be blamed for concocting a story like this. However, there are quite a few adults here who have some responsibility. Meanwhile, I guess we assume that there are two black men driving around grabbing little girls by the throat and keeping them overnight before releasing them!
That is what the news media would have us believe is the case.

I know that the word allegedly in no way guarantees that the public won't pick up their pitchforks....but, it is necessary to leave question in our minds until an investigation can be conducted.

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