How to clean computer like a professional?

Do you know how to clean a computer safely? This article will help you to clean computer like a professional.

Computers are very useful machines that have diverse applications in various fields. Life without a computer is very difficult in this era. Like any other equipments, it also needs proper care and cleaning. Let us look at some of the tips for effective cleaning of computer.

Computer should be turned off while you clean up desktop, laptop (admin edit removed link) etc. Clean cotton materials can be used for cleaning keyboard and mouse parts. All keys of the keyboard should be cleaned by applying cleaning lotion in the cotton buds. Keyboards should be lifted up to remove dirt from the bottom portion. Furthermore, you can make use of blow air to remove dust from various parts of the computer. Case of the computer should be cleaned wisely. Otherwise, there is chance for the accumulation of dirt in case. Entire covering should be removed for cleaning case of the computer.

Computer mouse is the mostly accessed part of the computer. Therefore, it is essential to keep it clean. It will help to avoid strange behaviors from mouse. You should remove the cover suit from the bottom of the mouse. You should clean the ball and bottom cover. For optical mouse, you don’t need to remove the ball. You only need to wipe the bottom with clean cloth.
Another important output unit of the computer is the computer screen. A clean, soft anti-static cloth should be used for cleaning CRT screen. In addition, there are lotions available that could be used for cleaning computer screens. For LCD screen, there are lotions that could be applied in plasma screens. You can make use of them. Make sure that any unnecessary parts are used for cleaning computer monitor. Make sure that your system is always clean.

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