Getting the most out of your "Beck rights"

Under the 1988 Supreme Court decision in Communications Workers of America v. Beck, every member of a union is entitled to a full refund of their dues that are not directly used for representing them (i.e. political contributions, lobbying, etc.).

Please take a moment to read through and pass along to any family and/or friends who may be trapped under the progressive-socialist agenda of today's union bosses.

Started by Saul Anuzis, former MI GOP Chair and future US Senator, is a project designed to "educate, organize and assist" union members in exercising their "Beck rights".

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I find this very puzzling! ! Wen have picking up trash start beinga crime?? I see garage men working hard everyday and the streets are still nasty ,
Who Cares as long as the trash is up and not in the streets.

Does this suggest that if your union doesn't bargain on your behalf in a given year, doesn't give money to a political candidate or lobby, or do other stuff like that, then I'm entitled to receive my dues *back*?? That would be unbelievable. So, a union, that does nothing, but doesn't actually cost me anything? That'd be like getting a refund of my car insurance or health insurance premiums because I didn't get in a wreck or visit a doctor this year! I'd sign up for THAT!

In the aforementioned case, the Supreme Court decision established the rights of employees to only pay those dues or fees necessary for the performance of a union's representation duties. So those dues or fees that support union expenditures unrelated to workplace representation (i.e. political, social or charitable contributions) are not mandatory.

Most unions have their own PACs now. Political donations are contributed through voluntary payroll deductions from members. Dues money is not used for political purposes.

because the case was decided over twenty years ago. I think under-reported news would be more appropriate. And while some states have enacted "paycheck protection" laws that, as described on the site, safeguard worker rights by requiring unions to obtain up-front, written approval before spending dues money on political or other non-workplace related activities, can you definitively say that dues money in other states is not being used for political activities?

No. But I do know there are workers in the public sector (where closed shop is prohibited) who are paying NOTHING to the unions who must legally bargain for them and represent them in grievances, also courtesy of the NRTW Committee.

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"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}


"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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