Chinese investors to buy the Docks ! Good idea or not ?

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Two things that you have said really upset me; having the Chinese buy the Marina district, waterfront and your comment that having the county collect trash would save (the City) $2.8 Million dollars. Inferring that this is good for Toledo, you overlook one important issue; I am Toledo. I have lived here 61 years and paid taxes for most of my life. The idea that transferring the onus to the County to balance the budget and costing me $17.25 per month is not good for Toledo. Again, I am Toledo; therefore I will have less money to support local business and this will continue a spiral downward of the City’s wealth. You said ‘..this is the only offer (sale for Marina District) and (to paraphrase) other state’s are doing this..”. Your comment to do business with China reminds me of a comment my mother use to tell me; “if your friend all jumped off the bridge, would you do the same”? You said this is happening in other parts of the country so (to paraphrase) we may as well do it, because you have had no other offers. Did you stop to think why the area has failed? What steps have been taken to keep businesses from leaving Toledo? I realize you inherited a long list of bad ideas by former mayors which has brought the city to its knees, but continuing to make bad decisions won’t correct the past. I worked for 41 years at Textileather; when they decided to close up shop and move much of its business to China, where were local politicians who had a chance to entice the company not to move?
One last note, why are you (your administration) allowing the taxes and charges to go so high so quickly for a crumbling infrastructure? Now that business, especially manufacturing, is almost not existent in Toledo, you have no choice but to go to the people and ask for more money. Sure, it has to be done, but don’t do it all at once; I like many others, cannot afford the added expenses at this time. Spread them out over some time until we can adjust our expense ledger to pay our bills and afford to live here. When I get squared away with my expenses, I will be among the exodus of thousands of others to leave Toledo, which was my home.

"Still fighting", you're depressingly ignorant or deceitful.

The City of Toledo had been handing out tax abatements like candy for decades. That sort of "enticement" didn't put a dent in the wholesale flight of manufacturing from the area. Some companies ran up the same propaganda flag, and then just built multimillion-dollar buildings in municipalities right outside Toledo and/or Lucas County.

So companies were just going to leave a legal zone where the cost of business was either high, or resulted in too many Black people benefiting from it. Either way, businesses and people fled and took their money with them. It was an unstoppable movement and we've (and you've) had more than enough decades of watching it happen to pretend otherwise.

The only possible thing that the City of Toledo could have done was make direct use of the city treasury as a part of the budgets of local companies on the revenue side. That would have depleted the city treasury in microseconds and caused the city to go on the warpath in chasing down every last dirty penny from those retards who foolishly still paid taxes to the city. That's an impossible scenario. Even the looting of the U.S. treasury by the bankers (through the bank bailouts) and large businesses (through the stimulus) was never on that order.

The City of Toledo could have cut taxes in general terms severely, cutting off all social services... but then Blacks would have rioted en masse, very much balancing out the economic equation that you believed you were reaching for. Companies would have loved the low taxes, but upon seeing violent riots happening weekly, they would have still fled.

The upshot of all this is that Toledo had to collapse economically. There was no other likely outcome. It's not like the government would have dismissed itself, which is yet another thing that might have actually helped. It's also not like businesses trying to compete with the "China Price" (per Nader's observations) would have stayed here, paying high union wages. No, businesses and investment would going to flee regardless.

If you still intend to leave, don't play all high and mighty about it. You just another White guy who looks around Toledo and sees it getting "darker" all the time. You want to flee, from that feeling alone. So nothing is really going to stop you. Even if Toledo does attract, say, 3000 more jobs, people are very likely to simply take those jobs, but then buy cars for the long commute out of Toledo and into the "exoburbs" where nary a Black face is seen. Toledo could attract 30 thousand more jobs, but most of those positions will be filled by people who will commute from Temperance, Monroe, Maumee, Perrysburg, etc. White Flight is the root action of our age... the fundamental social structure of our era. Nothing will stop it.

Mayor Bell said, today I believe, that he doesn't care where investment dollars come from. If someone suggested they come from investors in Columbia, Mexico or Afganistan, all hell would probably break loose. Specially if the investors are barely known. Now, google China regarding heroin, MDNA, and other drugs, you'll see that this stuff flows through well known routes through the country, to several international ports, for overseas distribution. As far as I know, Toledo has international ships coming to its' Port. Anyone see a cause for possible concern? I'm sure Toledo-sized ports are less "under the radar" than ports such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New York. I think the Blade has a legitimate reason to check out any foreign investors, IMO. I don't think the Chicom government would endorse this, but the country is too large for them to watch everything. The have their share of crooks, too.