chop sticks for everyone!

Mayor Michael P. Bell expects on Tuesday morning to deliver a proposal for the sale of The Docks restaurant complex to Toledo City Council for consideration.

The proposal offers $2.15 million for the property and is offered by a group of investors, Dashing Pacific Group, based in China. The relationship with the investors was initiated in September when Bell and Dean Monske, Deputy Mayor for External Relations, joined a multi-city tour of China seeking business development. Representatives of Dashing Pacific have since made two visits to Toledo to further explore the opportunities that exist for expanding their businesses in North America, once in October and once in December.
Good God! I mean good god, now that Toledo is coming under the rule of atheistic restaurant investors. We all had better adhere to the line. Don't make trouble. My grandchild will be at school celebrating the birthday of Mao alongside other students! ! History books will be rewritten to make Truman the troublemaker on the Korean Peninsula! But, hey, if the food's good, I'll go there.

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Apparently the Docks haven't escaped the recent decline in property values.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

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