Governor of Hawaii Can't Find a Certain Birth Certificate, or Records, Either


I think the prez should stand his ground now, since apparently there in no "smoking gun"(can we still say that?) that could clear things up. People will tire of hearing about it, and will completely forget it by 2012. I think. Since he was born somewhere, exactly where isn't that important, is it? I think he could now put "I have nothing to hide" into his campaign speeches when the birth certificate questions are asked, and be completely honest in saying so.

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There is something in the U.S. Constitution about where a person is born that makes him eligible to be our President. He or she must be born in the United States or in the territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. You can look that up. It is important.


Obama released a valid Hawaii State Birth Certificate. This document would be acceptable for the 1.3 million Americans who were born in Hawaii to prove their place of birth in any court, and would be acceptable for those 1.3 million Americans to get a passport, register for the draft, join the military, get a drivers license. or anything else that you need a birth certificate for.

Actually, the 0bama people released a "certificate of live birth". I believe that simply means that a long form birth certificate is supposed to exist.
Why they have spent mucho $$ fighting to keep from showing that long form birth certificate, I don't know.

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Actually the only thing Obama released was a PDF file.

Here it is.

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