In 2010, wolfman posted 161 blog entries. What % were related to race or racism?

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1.2%...Congratulations to the lone individual who either took the five or so minutes to find the answer or just made a lucky guess.

That's right folks, the man who spent the past week making the rounds to every news site, blog, comments page, etc. yelping about Brian Wilson, WSPD and the apparent "subliminal racism" in Toledo...apparently doesn't really see racism as much of an issue.

Only two blog posts in 2010 with any real mention of race or racism and for the most part, both were about the same topic (Breitbart/Sherrod). My guess is, just like this past week, racism was just his vehicle to take pot shots at his adversaries.

Our nation just finished celebrating and remembering the life of a man who asked that people "not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character" and unfortunately, we have a (wolf)man who sees color as an opportunity and is completely devoid of character.