Republicans hold secret meeting

Here is something you won't hear on any TV, Radio or in any newspaper. The Lucas County Republican Party is holding a secret meeting this Weds. the 22nd of December at 7 PM. The secret location is at the Omni on 2567 W. Bancroft Street in Toledo. Agenda will be to vote on some secret stuff that the Chairman wants the rank file to rubber stamp and some worthless awards to be given out to the brain trust who didn't work for the candidates, but did all the Stain's bovine skedattle. I think the sheet of paper said the awards were for "above and beyond their duties." Sure, like they pretended to make phone calls and ate pizza with money out of the donation bin at the top of the stairs.
The reason this is secret is because the "milk toast" media hasn't the balls to print or talk about this since the Stain has sued or threatened to sue anyone who prints anything he doesn't like.

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Is a stain on politics in Lucas County. The man is a sad joke if indeed he can be called a man at all. He reminds me of another "stain"-the one in my undershorts after a bad case of diarrhea.

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