UW-Madison to be enlightened by Kaptur. What will she tell them? You respond.

For some reason UW-Madison will have Marcy Kaptur as the commencement speaker for the Winter graduation. What do you think she will tell the grads?

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And you can achieve success like me sitting next to a gavel.

Say, man, is this Church's Chicken Sr. or the son of PH who brought back CC to Toledo? Either way, thank goodness for deep-fried chicken with all the fixins. At a very reasonable price, and with enough gunk to clog up my arteries. Gimme some more of that chicken, man, and toss in more biscuits and butter.

Patience is a great virtue.

From the future commencement address given to UM-Madison by sMarmy Kaptur:

"Hopefully you graduates did not use your own money for college. We Democraps in Congress have created a program that takes other peoples money to pay for you to go to the college that you could otherwise not afford because of the rising cost of tuition due to government regulations.

As you take your next steps toward the couch to turn on Oprah, remember that Democrats like me will be there in Congress to take care of you.

I, sMarmy Kaptur, and the other Democrats in Congress want to extend welfare by taxing what is left of "the rich" and giving their hard earned money to you so that you will be so dependant on Mommy Gubberment that you will continue to vote for Democrats so that the Gravy Train keeps rolling.

Now that you were stupid enough to graduate college, it's time for you to try and get a job in the jobless economy that Barry ObamaSotero and his demonic minions in Congress like me have created by pissing away not only your mom and dads money, but your money and your childrens money and their childrens money as well.

Thankfully, we are able to borrow money from China to keep the American economy afloat, but someday the Chinese will want their money back, with interest.

By that time, you graduates will hopefully have become taxpayers even though nobody is creating jobs. Why should the private sector create jobs? We Dems in Congress will just take more from them and give it to those who did not have the opportunity to go to college.

How dare you elitist snobs think you are better than the Unions that purchased my seat next to the gavel. Just because you went on to higher education does not mean you are any better than a Union Janitor. A Union Janitor works hard and deserves to make as much or more as those of you who graduate with your PHD today.

Have a nice life and I, sMarmy Kaptur, hope you will somehow find a job after we Democraps in Congress flush the rest of your money down the crapper paying for programs to study the mating habits of crickets in upper Mongolia.

F**k you very much and remember, vote for Democrats. I'll keep my pension long after you low-life peons are dead."

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

While standing with her neck and head in a hunched forward and down turtling position and speaking as a condescending smart ass: "Now I know some of you young people may be wondering: "Why did Marcy Kaptur vote to extend President Bush's Tax cuts For ALL income Levels?" "Why was this passed along party lines with all of Democraps voting to extend tax cuts for the multimillionaires also?" I thought Marcy said those rich people were evil....didn't she call her last opponent a [nasty] multimillionaire? "Why did all of the Republicans vote against this?" "Why did the Democraps name the Bill the 'Tax Relief for the Middle Class Act' when the Bush Tax cuts for ALL incomes will continue for another 2 years!?" "Yes, I really think the majority of you are that stupid. Look at my own district there in Ohio. I fooled most of them....again." "I am so very, very special."

"Two reasons children. I do whatEVER President Obama tells me to do. I'm pretty much at the bottom of the heap even though I have been here 30 years, I've yet to Chair a single thing...but you never know children. He may notice me yet. My seniority means absolutely nothing---fooled my District on that one too" "I pretty much wander the halls here-a total outcast and joke-shhhh". "Sure Love those Code Pink gals tho!"

"The second reason is because I'm a multimillionaire myself!! YES, its true!! That's our little secret. Why do you think I love all those earmarks?" "Why do you think they are never audited?" "Those giant checks are really for me-right thru the back door--because I'm so so special."

"Good luck and always remember "tomato plants and chicken coops". That will be the secret to America's new economy. Especially chicken coops!"

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

Wow Judy, not bitter about the Nazi apologist and douchebag Rich Iott loosing are you?

Poor Dear..'bitter' is the word I was thinking for you...as in "a Bitter Pill To Swallow"---sMarmy extending the BUSH TAX CUTS FOR MULTIMILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES..and did you see the Deal SmARMY gave with her 'Yea" on the bill called 'The Tax Cut for the Middle Class Act' for Estate Taxes?(Is that name the best joke or what?) Wow---she really gave it those MULTImillionaires: The first 10 Million Dollars of an estate will pay ZERO Estate taxes!! WOW sMarmy---thats telling 'em LOL-- Bitter? sMarmy is showing how little her words mean..you know...like a LIE. She truly is the bottom of the heap.

Oh and after your first 10 million, your estate pays 35% tax---it was supposed to go to 55% after ONE million. I'm sure all the multimillionaires/billionaires are Loving this deal thanks to Obama and other Libs Like sMarmy. Yup, she sure hates those Billionaires!! LOL she really gave it to em huh senseless???!! Dont you feel betrayed? Me Bitter?--Haha--try me laughing!

Signed "judy" -thanks for that laugh too.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

It appears that you are a dipshit. "tombrown" wants to post opinions and you post crap referring to "judy." Divorce? Turned-downed date? Are you the man/woman? You used Judy. Do you love he/she? And for the right reasons? But some bitterness lingers on? If she is Judy, what's your name? I used to appreciate your liberal responses to righters' posts, but now I realize you're just an asshole. Notwithstanding that, perhaps sensor and tombrown can get together real soon and make this a merry Christmas for all of us, everyone. If you love her, go for her, and tell her. And stop being such a smart-ass prick.

Patience is a great virtue.

Well Don, I'm not really an asshole, but I certainly play on this site. Just like you playing a race baiting troll here...

It's LOSING you tool.
Loose=opposite of tight.
Lose=opposite of win.

Why do so many people screw that up?.......and why does it bother me so? lol

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

I've told him as well. It doesn't help. His "two advanced degrees" were apparently not in anything that required simple spelling.

Try this rule I learned in 5th grade Sens: "Lose has lost an "O". You will never make THAT mistake again anyway. Lose rhymes with news.

My pet peeve too Jeep---I remember actually learning this rule in my 5th grade class. Always helped me to remember. Lose vs Loose.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

It's a grammar rule. Loosing is spelled correctly.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at


Did you learn that inTPS?

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.

It's not a pet peeve, Tom Brown. Many of us still appreciate the spelling, grammar and punctuation of the written English language. That ability to communicate in type seems to have fallen over a cliff, though. I used to describe to young co-workers that there is a definite difference between "Let's go eat, Deborah" and "Let's go eat Deborah." It didn't seem to come across. Now we have debate about who will collect garbage and I hear city of Toledo employees, and some elected officials, using "refuge" to describe solid waste. It makes me cringe.

Patience is a great virtue.

"there is a definite difference between "Let's go eat, Deborah" and "Let's go eat Deborah."

Depends on what Deborah looks like. :P

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Applying tongue to clit and having juice spill out, in advance of the act, is very enjoyable for both, but in these days of HIV, care must be taken even as she has her lovely thighs wrapped around your head as she undulates and comes. Presentation of a clean bill of health is important, perhaps essential. Only then, with Department of Health record in hand, can you agree to her desire to flp, have you tongue her rectum, then enter her as she holds onto the headboard.

Patience is a great virtue.

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