Best car name of all time

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I put Camaro at the top because its name means "friend." And friendship is how it is for us and our cars -- they take care of our transportation needs, even when we want to go fast on the corners, and we take care of their mechanical and fluid needs. A symbiotic relationship. You get inside your friend and know she will take you wherever you want to go because you've taken good care of her. And also because the '69 Camaro R/S is arguably the best-looking car ever to hit the highway, especially in orange paint. I put LeSabre in there because my dad bought a used '61 in 1964. Sparkly metallic paint! Four-door hardtop with electric windows! Chromiun plating all over the car! I remember as a kid sudsing her down, using a box of Brillos to clean her fat whitewalls, then grabbing the tin of Simoniz to rub down her beautiful metallic brown body. Never owned a Camaro, nor a LeSabre. Upon reaching driver age, in the time of gasoline shortages, I went the 4-cylinder route and remained there since, thinking that mileage is kind of cool, too. Looking back, I have regrets. It would have been nice to have had a show car, something that catches the other drivers' eyes. But I have been friends with my Corolla, Mitsus, Honda and Mazda over the years. Sorry for carrying on. You all have a good Sunday and a good week ahead.

Patience is a great virtue.

I picked other because Corvette isn't on there. The American dream. Nothing like it for price, value, and performance.

may be the most beautiful sports car ever built. Hood so low. Fenders rising like curvaceous mountains. Body curling in, showing unbelievably wide tires. 1968 was also the last year of production for the Chevy Corvair. Now it may have been a tad slower than the Corvette Sting Ray, but my post was about names. Corvair tops Corvette, IMHO. Even beats Dodge Dart. Aw, hell, I'm getting old and there's not too many years ahead for me. I regret settling for practical and not getting what I really wanted. Don't want a Sting Ray, even that astonishingly beautiful '68, but a white Corvair with red vinyl interior, the three-speed and the air-cooled engine out back. Hence the name, Corvair.

Patience is a great virtue.