U.C. Hastings' Ethics Professor Assails the State Bar of California

"The State Bar has unfortunately long been more interested in how things look rather than how they really are," stated Professor Richard Zitrin -- one of the nation's leading authorities on legal ethics -- in a recent article appearing in the Recorder.

Professor Zitrin, who has taught Legal Ethics at U.C. Hastings College of the Law since 1994, along with Professors Deborah Rhode and Geoffrey Hazard, recently delivered a petition to the State Bar Board of Governors.

The petition was co-signed by 30 California ethics professors from 14 different law schools, and addressed deficiencies within the State Bar system, as well as proposed solutions.

According to Professor Zitrin, "With one exception, every single one of the recommendations was ignored."

Although he remains optimistic, Professor Zitrin noted, "Bar staff is deeply entrenched, so voluntary change will not be easy."

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