State Bar Court Judge Patrice McElroy's Misconduct Reaches California Supreme Court

Judge Patrice McElroy of the California State Bar Court is the subject of highly-charged legal briefs recently submitted to the California Supreme Court by veteran attorney Stanley Arouty on behalf of his client, Mr. Ronald Gottschalk.

McElroy's misconduct involves the intentional destruction of official court records as she did not want her inappropriate comments and threats to violate Gottschalk's civil and due process rights -- which were directed at Mr. Arouty -- to become part of the official record.

At issue is McElroy's unwillingness or inability to recognize the seriousness of her anti-social behaviour.Specifically, Mr. Arouty has accused Judge McElroy -- no stranger to controversy based on her trail of past misconduct -- of intentionally removing and destroying an audiotape from a recording device that serves as the official record of the State Bar Court.

This is the third known case in which Judge McElroy has been accused of engaging in grave misconduct.

In one instance, during a hearing presided over by Judge McElroy, she disclosed that Peter G. Keane -- who was then Dean of Golden Gate University School of Law and was representing an adverse witness (Ms. Sara E. Raymond) -- had been her supervisor when she was previously employed as an assistant Public Defender. However, Judge McElroy failed to disclose that at or about the time the hearing in question was taking place, she accepted as a gift from Mr. Keane an overseas trip.

Even more troubling is the fact that at or about the time the trip took place, Golden Gate University and the student in question were in the midst of litigating a civil case the student had filed in San Francisco Superior Court.

Separately, and as reported by TLR, Mr. Khana, a veteran member of the State Bar of California, also accused Judge McElroy of destroying evidence. Mr. Khana filed a civil rights case in federal court in connection with Judge McElroy's misconduct.

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