Judge of Court of Appeals - Full Term for 6 years

Steve A Yarbrough of Sylvania
Keila Cosme of Toledo, OH

Most people aren't aware of the candidates or this particular election, Judge for the Court of Appeals. Here's a quote from a highly respected attorney in Toledo:

Steve is a Republican who has many years of judicial experience and has also been on City Council and in the Ohio Senate. Keila Cosme is one of the least qualified people ever to be appointed to a judgeship, and most lawyers were appalled when the Governor selected her. The poll of bar association members strongly found Yarbrough “highly recommended” and Cosme “not recommended”.

I'm voting for Yarbrough, and I encourage everyone else to do the same.

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If you want someone who steals from taxpayers, gets overturned by courts of appeals across Ohio for mistakes simple and egregious (like denying people their due process rights) and making false or contradictory statements under oath then I can see how you would support him. Some people would vote for Charles Manson if they had a certain letter after their name. Learn about the fact before you vote at www.judgegonebad.com

I followed the link and all I found was a bunch of mud slinging, finger pointing and name calling. If Stephen Yarbrough is a crook, why hasn't he been disbarred? Or indicted, tried and found guilty?

By contrast, his opponent doesn't care about the law. What she cares about is whatever she thinks is right - Judge Keila Cosme – Lady Justice or Judicial Activist?.

Me, I value the US Constitution. I'm voting for Yarbrough.

Mad Jack
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Stating that "Some people would vote for Charles Manson if they had a certain letter after their name" is not really an argument in favor of your candidate. Why say that at all? It basically undermines your entire comment when you start spewing spittle...

The Charlie Manson comment was not about the Judge's race. It is about some republicans turning a blind eye to the failures of other republicans. Some republicans will try to justify that by saying it is better to have a lousy republican in office than a democrat. That isn't true.

The problem with bad apples in the republican party is that the electorate judges the whole party based on the misdeeds of those few bad apples.

If you really knew the constitution and read where he was overturned for violating litigant's due process rights, you would think differently. Your support of him tramples on the supposed constitution you purport to value. Everything is documented on the website, when presented with facts you just shoot the messenger or dismiss it.

Toledo Bar Association results:

Cosme was rated "Not Recommended" for judicial office by the majority of the Toledo Bar Association. She received 254 "Not Recommended", 105 "Recommended", and 49 "Highly Recommended" votes. Candidates were rated for "integrity, legal ability, legal experience, fair-mindedness, promptness, professionalism and judicial temperament, public and community services, and other qualifications bearing upon their fitness for the office."


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