Rich Iott thanks LCRP GOP volunteers praises Jon Stainbrook


Rich Iott, Republican Candidate for Ohio's 9th Congressional District, issued the following statement thanking the volunteers at the Lucas County Republican Party Victory Center:

"As we head down the final stretch to Election Day, I want to thank the Lucas County Republican Party volunteers for all of their dedication and hard work on behalf of my campaign this year. County Chairman Jon Stainbrook has led the way, working the front lines and rallying volunteers to spread the word about our campaign and my plans to help bring some sanity back to Congress and give the 9th District the representation it deserves.

"As a newcomer to politics, I have appreciated the support the Lucas County Republican Party has provided, and I have appreciated Mr. Stainbrook's willingness to step up to the plate and defend me against the ridiculous and false attacks that have been thrown at our campaign. This team has helped us all over the county as we have talked about the need to get Washington out of our way so we can start to create jobs without fear of punitive taxes and regulations. Today's visit by Minority Leader John Boehner is an appropriate way to honor the hard work of the Lucas County Republican Party as they continue to promote our slate of candidates."

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I was out walking in my local ward where the real work is being done. Having been thrown out of the Victory center and knowing other good GOP people who have, I was donating my time and other resources walking the streets for candidates. I understand the money Stain collects for signs is his personal pizza fund and somehow with only one person present, he is able to rack up hundreds if not thousands of phone calls. How about showing us the phone bill Meghan?

I am sure Iott said those thing to Stainbrook, but it was throwing a bone to a dog. A couple volunteers with Iott told me the story is going around how the LCGOP tried to steal or threaten some other volunteers into coming down and to work for them.

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