No Money Coming to District if Marcy Wins!


I hope nobody thinks any money will come to our area if Marcy wins. The Republican controlled Congress will NOT be giving her anything. Isn't Lucas county doing bad enough now, for us to vote away any possible Congressional support?

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Lol love the logic! Haha, this is supposed to be a joke, right?

Money for mobile libraries, wind farms? This does not give people jobs. Marcy gets little back for what she pisses away for pet projects.

Iott is RUNNING on not bring any money back to the district!

Again senseless you display your ignorance for the people here to see, good thing for you the audience isn't bigger. Iott is running on not taking earmarks. There are legal, constitutional ways to have tax dollars brought back to the district. Kaptur has over the years sent more money to other districts for pork projects than she could ever bring back here in 6 lifetimes of sitting next to the gavel.

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