"Hello Fred?, We Suck And We Want To Be On Your Show"

I'm not positive that's how the conversation went between my producer and Chris Redfern, but I think I have the spirit of the call if not the letter of the call correct. Ask yourself why would Chris Redfern come on a station so obviously biased, if you believe it is, unless the Dems are in trouble. He's been on before and didn't fare well. He was made to look like a fool when he explained that the govt. HAD to take money from our checks for things we didn't like because otherwise we might not be generous enough to give of our own free will.
Now I'm sure he wants to come on and trash Boehner, Iott, Kasich etc. but that won't happen. He's the head of the State Dem Party so he'll be given an opportunity to explain the recent votes by his party members; like ObamaCare, bailouts of banks and auto makes, earmarks, upcoming cap and trade, tax cuts etc. I have the tap dance music ready to go. Bring it on. GFY

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Are you free-basing again tonight, Fred? Cut it out. You've got a schitck to do.

Patience is a great virtue.

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