Jack Ford Votes Based On Race


Read Jack's latest column in The Sojourner Truth. His ignorance is stupefying.

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article also, although I read it last week in the Truth. I really don't see where Brown has helped the black community. Jack Ford does not speak for the black community........not at all! He really does not speak for me.

Presently we have a good number of people in city, county ,and national government who proudly proclaim backgrounds as coming from "non-profits." That work is certainly valuable and many cases necessary. More and more younger individuals I have encountered aspire to these positions as an entrance to public life. Future economic conditions will command skills from those with the ability to create something from nothing such as new opportunities. The oversight of a non-profit is a far throw from a stand alone self-generating private sector business where meeting a payroll means continued existence.

he was elected mayor* AND placed on the school board with no other qualifications than what he's pointing out in Edna Brown. He was put on the school board over a vastly more qualified individual named Dumbaya, ( I think that name is at least close) with no other qualifications at all other than who he'd worked with.

Why would he NOT think if it was good enough for him it would be good enough for EB?

*Note - to be fair, during his mayoral campaign, we werent given anything in re a viable alternative, so we must also take that into consideration as well when looking at his lack of qualifications...

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