Marcy's toast

According to an independent poll. Good the B*tch has to go.

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Care to link to the poll?

Sure, we recognize and readily admit that Marcy has no chance of fending off the powerful, persuasive and crisply-attired Rich Iott. But we will still have John Dingell to carry the marxist/socialist flag and continue our fight to destroy the United States of America.

Patience is a great virtue.

but that can be expected when you've been in Congress for so long that no one can understand what you're saying anymore. The Detroit Free Press ran an article a little over a week ago that referenced an independent poll with Dr. Steele leading roughly 44-40.

As for the Governor's race, I'll let wolfman fill us in on how his buddy Virg Bernero is doing. I'll give you a hint though, about as well as Lee Fisher is doing.

Are there poll numbers somewhere?

No- but Iott supporters keep posting on various blogs made up polls that they never link too.

Well, sensorG, I did a poll of forum members here. I was really surprised at the results, which are currently about 3-1 in Iotts' favor. How does one interpret the results? Oh yes-THE LINK:

It doesn't mean a thing. If I posted the same poll on Daily Kos how do you think Rich Iott would do?

I read a little about that site a few minutes ago. Isn't it primarily a nationwide forum? This Forum is pretty much centered inside a major liberal hot-bed, i.e., Lucas Co. and the rest of the Ninth District. Maybe not numbers wise, but percentage wise. I believe this area has the highest number of registered democrats in Ohio. Iott should be down, 3-1, not the other way around.

Now I know you're joking again. Liberals are outnumbered here 3 to 1 easy. Again, doesn’t mean a thing. Also, nothing keeps a web savvy individual from voting multiple times.

you seriously believe a poll with compiled 'data' from Swampbubbles members is representative of Ninth District voters overall?

Garbage in, garbage out...

the last polls I've seen on this race was in February and Marcy had a lead and was over 50%.

I never expected anything different, still don't, and won't expected anything different come Nov 2nd.


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