Lucas County Republican Party Missing Receipts - The documentation

Lucas County Board of Elections letter to Lucas County Republican Party about missing receipts -

From a reader:

The contribution to a statewide candidate is a bigger problem. The letter is correct that parties cannot make contributions to state/federal candidates without setting up a separate fund. The LCRP has never had a state-wide fund because of the headaches that accompany it in terms of bookkeeping, though they have, in the past, had a judicial fund to help local judicial candidates. They used to do a large fundraiser each fall for the judicial candidates and put all the proceeds into that fund which they then used for either mailings or such...but they haven't done that event in a long time.

The others though are a serious problem... They've paid three people for 'expenses' without receipts for all of them. I have no idea how you could come up with that much in expenses that need to be reimbursed, especially when they're not even at the headquarters. I also wonder about the 'donations' they're getting from people who want signs. How are they reporting those ......?"

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Everyone knows that the Lucas County Board of Elections is in a multi-faceted and nefarious conspiracy against Jon Stainbrook. After all, since only Stainbrook-related items turn up missing/ altered/ unfiled/ forged, this is proof that the BOE is taregting the Stained One. Gosh, the scary part is that the conspiracy is so obvious; I mean, if the BOE really wanted to get away with this, they would lose/misfile/shred random documents from other political groups, candidates, and officials, not just Jon.

In fact, one might deduce that Chris Myers is part of the vast anti-Stainbrook conspiracy, and I challenge Chris to prove where he has been every night for the past 90 days, since it is clear that SOMEONE has been sneaking into the BOE and stealing the expense reports that Jon so diligently filed in a timely fashion after staying awake nights and triple-checking to make sure every last detail was perfectly and accurately recorded on the proper forms. Why, I bet Chris has been putting on one of those dark-colored full face masks with the eyeholes and mouth-holes every night and breaking into GOP headquarters, rummaging around in the BOE files and purposely destroying any document with Jon's name on it.

And Chris no doubt waited outside the GOP offices and the treasurer's house, shouting "go away" at the postal carrier with the four certified letters, just to make Stainbrook and his pals look even more incompetent. I'll bet that Chris even went so far as to create one of those high-tech, super-spy, latex-based Stainbook face duplicates, so he could go door-to-door and scream at elderly voters that they had better vote only for Stainbrook-endorsed candidates "if you know what's good for you, gramps, and remember my name: Jon 'Killer' Stainbrook."

You, Chris, should be ashamed of yourself for your role in undermining the duly elected party chairman, a principled and righteous man who is fighting the powerful forces of the Lucas County BOE, an organization with octopus-like tentacles of influence that can summon the forces of evil with a finger snap or a text message. Why, if Mohandas K. Gandhi were alive right now, he would march with Jon Stainbrook to your front door and hork a giant loogie in your face.


I am very anti-stainbrook. I am not a part of the conspiracy as of lately :)

Why, if Mohandas K. Gandhi were alive right now, he would march with Jon Stainbrook to your front door and hork a giant loogie in your face.

Do you two guys have some differences? Is there trouble? Can you get together and settle things? Maybe over burgers?
More importantly, H.M., how does one "hork a giant loogie" into someone's face?
We need a history lesson on loogie horking. Please illuminate us.

Patience is a great virtue.

from a retired baseball player, I guess you would know about loogies. Maybe you should enlighten us.

I'm playing in Bolivia now. No longer at third-sack. No longer quick enough. I'm at first, hitting .257 and with only one error. 12 RBIs, no HRs yet. Down here, as well as in Detroit years ago, we chew tobacco and spit. Is that the "loogie"? I asked our interpretator to define what "horking a giant loogie" means. "Crazy Gringos!" was his response. My teammates seemed to understand the English.

Patience is a great virtue.

Here is a link to the phenomenon known as loogie-horking (also known as "hock a loogie" or "hawk a loogie").

Also, I forgot to add a disclaimer that the above post was satirical, and should not be taken at face value. Chris is a good person who has no interest in Watergate-style break-ins, and anyone who read my earlier post as "factual" either read too quickly or has some serious intellectual deficiencies.

Unless, of course, you want to read this follow-up post as a red-flag operation designed to take attention away from the vast anti-Stainbrook conspiracy, in which case I myself would then be a co-conspirator. Drool away, SB trolls...

When is someone, anyone with a voice, like a Republican Candidate, TV, Radio or Print reporter going to say with a nod to the voters, "JON STAINBROOK SHOULD RESIGN!" I mean Man Up!

He certainly is not representing the party interests by hiding behind locked doors when he should be sorting his mail, sending in completed reports required by law to the Board of Elections and standing with the vetted candidates when they are having pot shots taken at them by the drive by media. Why are you AWOL Jon?

If he cannot produce the needed reciepts on proper forms perhaps he could share a jail cell with Tom Noe who did the same thing in the 2004 election cycle.

More from a reader:

The unreported receipts go back to the Karl Rove fundraiser, which netted the GOP about $27,000. Go back and look at their mid-term CFR filed in July/August for the general fund. They received a $3,000 donation from ALLAN BLOCK! (in addition to the money raised.) They pissed the entire amount away on PayPal charges, lawyer fees fighting the Simpson/Hoag faction, and the $10,000 worth of "reimbursements."

Not one penny went to a candidate. If you look further at the GOP candidate fund, there is 91 cents. The judicial fund has $2.50.

I'm glad I stuck to my guns when I decided no more $$ for LCRP while Stain was chairman.

It wasn't easy because there were some candidates I really liked but I'm a man of principle.


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