Late Local News Again

Once again the local daily missed the boat on news with national ramifications in this election year.

On Oct. 9 the Wall Street Journal ran this story:

On Oct. 15, a full six days or almost one week later, The Blade gets around to running this:

Even better is that a week after Ms. Van Ness had her comments published in WSJ, The Blade wrote that she " couldn't be reached for this story..." and goes on to point out that " the irony of her situation was featured in the Wall Street Journal last week..."
Irony abounds! Are we to believe that the editors and reporters at The Blade don't stay tuned to the national media to ensure their readers that no Toledo story goes unreported? Or is this possibly too much real work for them when they are constantly on the lookout for the latest heavy story on dogs or buildings.
Sadly this is what passes for informed local coverage in Toledo's self-admitted newspaper of record, while news media in other locales are reinventing themselves with a brand called "hyper local reporting".
No wonder voters who don't spend serious time on the internet getting informed on the issues will go to the polls unarmed if they only stick with the local daily.

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They're probably embarrassed that they didn't report it first. Or maybe if they reported it first, they'd do harm to the school levy that they probably will endorse.


Blade reporters are doing the best job they can. Unfortunately, their ranks have been thinned. They can only do so much. Their work involves research, fact-checking, seeking out others for comments and then putting it all together -- not like aiming a TV camera at someone for 30 seconds and calling it "news." I wish instead of cutting newsroom staff that management would have used the "surge" strategy and added reporters to improve coverage and try to increase circulation. But bean counters run operations, including at newspapers, even if they have no idea of the impact of their decisions. The Blade is in bad shape, but can you imagine a Toledo without a daily, a town reduced to TV viewers watching a lead story about a car crash in Napoleon? (After the weather report, of course). Worse, can you imagine Fred or Brian having nothing to talk about if not for the reporting in that day's Blade? Listen carefully to them, and as much as they disparage the daily, they are entirely dependent upon it for subject matter.

Patience is a great virtue.

Yeah I feel bad for those reporters being told exactly what to write by the editorial staff.

I do find it funny that don thinks the bland's writers "fact check". LOL have you ever read any of their articles that involve Stain?


laid off are not the result of funding issues. At the premiere of the documentary "Waiting for Superman" Fritz Wetzel stated that Ms. Van Ness was laid off twice from Pickett Elementary this school year. The issue is not funding, it is an issue of staffing. The less students you have the less money is coming from the state and other revenue stops coming in and the less teachers you need.

Pickett elementary is a school that has been in academic emergency for 10 years. The parents in that neighborhood have found other schools to send their children to and with the closing of Libbey there really is no choice but to find other schools, either charter, voucher, on line schools or even homeschooling.

To say that this is a funding issue is simply not the truth.

If you can't get names correct, your posts prove unreliable. His name is Fritz Wenzel.
Also if " less money is coming from the state and other revenue stops coming in " means teachers are laid off then guess what? It is a funding issue. Inaccurate readers like you are the base of The Blade's continued existence despite its inability to serve this region as a proper journalistic enterprise.

I like Wenzel better! Sounds more WSPDish. It is not a funding issue when teachers get laid off because they don't have enough students to teach. It's not a funding issue when parents take their children out of public schools because they don't like the teaching or lack of teaching. What is an inaccurate reader? How did the Blade get in this post and what I wrote? So many questions, so few intelligent answers....SMH.......Whether my posts are unreliable or not you chose to comment on it!......SMH again!

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