Toledo in spotlight again, albeit a small spotlight

Toledo made the news again in a story broadcast on 10/12 by Rush Limbaugh - although nothing like the current flap over a uniform worn by a congressional candidate.

Teacher Used as a Prop by Obama Gets Laid Off

Note: Posting of this story does not represent endorsement of the opinions expressed by Mr. Limbaugh. It is just interesting as to just what gets attention, what facts are used to support an opinion, how it is portrayed (spun) and of course just how factual it is and whether the author of the opinion even understands fully the situation discussed.

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Sorry to post this twice. I did not initially see the earlier post about the "Kiss of Death". We already have one opinion on how to spin this.

I'm not sure, but if I recall correctly, the Pickett teacher was unable to travel to D.C. to appear with the president because of a matter she needed to address at home. Could someone enlighten us on this?

Patience is a great virtue.

, no need to apologize, the other story was not obviously labeled. Given all of the Iott/Kaptur stuff it is easy for other stories to get lost.

Is somebody on the site writing about the Marxist and the Nazi who want to represent the 9th District in D.C.? I guess I overlooked those comments. Then again, I come here mostly to look for reviews of local Mexican restaurants, and their cooks and servers. Viva illegals! Mexicali!

Patience is a great virtue.

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