No Response yet from Marcy - regarding COLA for Seniors

Please let us know what you intend to do about the COLA. We at a Toledo Senior Center would like a reply from your web site or her on this forum. We need to know before election day!

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A guy would like to ditch social entitlement programs altogether? Nice logic.

Patience is a great virtue.

So your hangin out at a taxpayer funded senior center, bitching that the government won't spend more money (we're in debt ya know) and threatening to vote for a Republican?
Wow Tom, you are the GOPs dream come true - mad as hell and too dumb to know why.

Would "Temperance Tom" even be able to vote in a congressional race in Ohio?

"Would "Temperance Tom" even be able to vote in a congressional race in Ohio?

The same question could be asked of Kapturs biggest cheerleader, wolfboy.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Since this is the Second Great Depression, why do you people expect to receive a COLA? To adjust the cost of living, your payments should be dropping, not rising.

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