Democrats happy for Chamber of Commerce support....


Ten Democrats Getting Chamber of Commerce's Help, and Happy to Have It
Democratic Members Proud of Chamber's Support

In some corners of Democratic politics the uproar coming from senior party officials about how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is paying for its massive 2010 election advertising campaign is falling on deaf ears.

That's because the Chamber, which has already spent millions on ads boosting Republican Congressional candidates across the country, has also thrown its support behind 10 business-friendly Democrats. In districts from Utah to Virginia, the Chamber has gone on the air with television ads for these candidates and they don't seem to be complaining.

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Damn...WTF is dogboy gonna do now?

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but instead of answering me on that ran over to this one...que paso?

I think its wrong for both Democrats and Republicans to take mass quantities of anonymous money.

It was a great Democracy while it lasted.

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