Seriously, Rich Iott, grow a pair and let her have it.

This is why Republicans have a hard time winning elections in Toledo.

They still play by the rules.

Rich Iott, get rid of the sense of chivalry that all Republicans have. This is WAR and your opponent will do everything she can to keep power over the masses.

Take off the gloves. Put out a press release asking for pictures of Marcy and Charlie Rangle shaking hands with Fidel Castro during their pilgrimage to Cuba to kiss the ring of Fidel Castro.

Ask the slimebag witch to explain why Americas Founding Fathers are like Osama Bin Ladin.

Ask the worthless piece of crap why her brother is in prison.

Force the lying bitch to explain why she claims she "lives in the house she grew up in" when knowledgable people know that you cannot commute from Toledo to Washington DC every day and she actually lives in a 1/2 million dollar condo.

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I second that motion!

The democrats have been effective at one thing, foisting the notion on the Republicans that the people yearn for a return to civility at election time. The best example of that is the miserable campaign of John McCain. See what it got him? The same thing might happen to Iott. If he remains civil above all else, while the democrats are painting swasticas all over town, he'll lose the election. Why do you think the Tea Party has had such overwhelming success? It certainly isn't a result of campaigning on a platform of "when I get to Congress, I'll work day and night to get along with the other side of the aisle"!!

The only reason I voted in the last election can be traced to two words: Sarah Palin. The differences between her and McCain, are the same as the differences between a polished opera singer, and a mynah bird.

It was very hard to campaign and vote for someone who clearly was running for second place, and I, for one, will NOT do it again. The Republicans should STOP trying to win by playing the game by their rules, they should focus instead on winning by beating the democrats using the democrat rules.

SHS '69

Her brother's in PRISON? Oh, my!

Iott did the Military Academy interviews PER KAPTURS REQUEST WHEN SHE COULDNT GOING BACK AT LEAST TEN YEARS. For her to say the first time she met him was this summer is a BLANTANT LIE. Ask Dan Foote.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

I agree. I should point out that Marcy's neighborhood in Alexandria, Lee Street is almost exclusive because of the price of real estate. We went there often after Thanks Giving when they have the Scottish Christmas walk and were amazed at how expensive the area is.

The Libs that support her and depend on the handouts are going berserk ripping down Iott signs.

Last night at the debate we observed the Dems scurrying to get a document showing Iott put down that he was a Soldier for the state of Ohio on a campaign contribution form. So What! They can't stick to the issues!

They are doing the dirty for Kaptur and showing their colors, just to save her but from her own record.

She didn't answer the question if she was going to give the dirty money back she received from the dirty PAC. She lied when she said there was not abortion money in the health care bill. She didn't like it when Iott brought up how she recieves all her large donations from out of the district and poo poos his story how his mother choose life.

Time to go Marcy.

Later on in the interview, she referred to Iotts' father as "Wally". I suppose she never met him, either.

My mother knew him very well and said he has changed for the worse since working for farcy kaptur.

Iott had contact with Foote as well when he worked with farcy on things in the community. altho I'm sure Foote would deny it now. Foote knows the truth.

Interesting comment Pamela.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

'The combatants battled over Mr. Iott's handling of Seaway Food Town, a business which the Food Town board, of which he served as president and chief executive officer, sold to Spartan Stores Inc. in 2000, only to see the entire chain of 47 grocery stores and 26 drug stores shut down beginning in 2003.
Miss Kaptur accused him of making a "bad business decision" in deciding to sell Spartan.
Mr. Iott insisted, "that was a good decision. It was the right thing at the right time, and I'd do it again." And he said Miss Kaptur's criticism of his selling of a profitable business showed her ignorance of the private sector because a nonprofitable business would be hard to sell.
Later in the debate, he reversed himself on whether the Spartan merger was a wise move.
"If I had to do it again with 20/20 hindsight, of course, I wouldn't do that, but nobody has that advantage," Mr. Iott said.

Buh-bye, Richie...

I'm going to SPECULATE, as has happened so often in these blogs regarding this business decision. Mr. Iott probably would NOT have sold to Spartan had he known that Spartan would run the business down the tubes!

When you elect to sell a business, you have NO IDEA how the new owners will run that business or even if they will accept YOUR advice or recommendations!

Mr. Iott was totally correct in his statement. You don't sell a business that is failing or is not profitable! No one wants a failing business. No one, UNLESS they needed a TAX WRITE-OFF!!! Could that be what Spartan was looking for? Could Spartan's plan have been running FoodTown into the ground and later resurrect it as a totally new business completely out of Mr. Iott's control or influence?

Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it!

I would do the same thing, only I would ask for more money than he did.

Dan Foote used to teach at Cardinal Stritch High School. Maybe he should have learned something from the teachings at that Catholic High School. Bearing false witness isn't a very Catholic thing to do.

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