Reenacting Poll, Veterans Only, If Possible. Or At Least They Vote First.

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I keep hearing that Veterans disapprove of reenacting. I'd like to hear from Them on this issue, since I also believe Their opinions are based on their experiences with war, in a very real and personal sense.

Why are they staging WWII reenactments in the continental US? Aren't most reenactments done at the actual battlesites?

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

Because, maybe, most European Battlefields are considered off limits in consideration of the dead soldiers, maybe because Europe is 4K miles from here, Pacific islands are even further away. Many battlefields also have farms located over parts of them, and indigenous people live around many Pacific battlegrounds. And who would be welcome in areas where American soldiers won the battle?

World War II Mock Battle - Texas State Railroad, Palestine, TX

In the late 50's I remember going to the mock war staged where the Detwiler Golf Course is now. My uncle owned an ice cream delivery, Glacier Maid, and I would go down there with him and sit on the roof of one of his trucks while the battle took place. Lots of people went to watch and it was an event some here might remember. These mock wars took place every year and Glacier Maid sold lots of ice cream to the people attending. Seems like back then it was an enjoyable afternoon and very supported by the community.

The youtube I've linked is reminiscent of the mock war I attended. You can hear the voices of children in the video during the battle. At the end you will hear the enthusiastic appreciation of the fun afternoon the crowd had, including seeing some of the people in attendance.

You are right, W., nothing like taking the kids out to a reenactment and watching aging, pot-bellied men pretend to try to kill each other while the children enjoy ice cream and sit back and laugh. An "important historical lesson." War is fun! Too bad the reenactors don't use live ammo. Think of all the extra giggles and laughs among the youngsters that would bring. "Look, mom, that guy over there is bleeding to death! He just took machine-gun fire! This is great!"

Patience is a great virtue.

From my perspective I can see the historical value in it. Especially at places like the Fallen Timbers Monument and Gettysburg.

However you'll never see me take place in one. Same as I have friends who play paintball yet I decline to play with them. I don't see the point. I train, I "live" the real thing. Why would I put on a play about my life?

So to those who do it I have no problem with it albiet they keep it historically accurate something I wish the movies would do.