Who Won Tonight?

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I think it was a toss-up, until Rich told the story of his search for his biological mother. from that point on, Ms Kaptur sat there, stunned. Other than uttering a few denials about the usual things, she sat there, with her jaw clenched. Iott really landed a hay maker with that one! Looks like the reenactor nonsense didn't play out like she thought it would, either I can't wait to hear the last debate!

The chick from the Free Press with the 1960s haircut. Hands down. I feel like dancing to some Sonny and Cher.

Patience is a great virtue.

If there are any Donwert fans, any at all, anywhere in the world, you can buy an "official" DonWert signed baseball on E-Bay.
It's been on sale for a week and NOBODY has bid on it.
For only $14.95, you can steal this. After all, DonWert is done using his balls.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Gibson had me on a two-two count. He threw a trailing fastball, going at least 95 mph. I swung. I missed. Sorry, Libs. I tried. Bobby G. was one tough son of a bitch. I signed balls all of the time. I didn't lick balls as you do. But that's your sport.

Patience is a great virtue.

So, I had to laugh hard when Marcy tried to criticize Rich for using the abortion mailer. She said that she is offended Rich would twist something that is not true. The problem is she looked like she believed it and was offended. I broke out laughing. That right there shows how long she has been in Congress because it is only offensive if it is done to you, not the other way Marcy. Skipping the Nazi issue, the Food Town is a desperate attempt to twist the facts which she wholeheartedly endorsed. Anyway, I do wish to thank you for the laugh.