This Makes As Much Sense As What Paul Is Posting

Possible family connection? Herbert Wohlfarth led U-137 on three patrols during the autumn of 1940. He sank seven ships for a total of 25,465 tons, mostly in the area south of the Hebrides. Especially notable was his torpedo hit on the armed merchant cruiser Cheshire (10,552 tons), damaging the ship so badly that she had to spend six months in the shipyard for repairs.

In the U-boat force Herbert Wohlfarth was well known by his nickname, Parzival. After a radio message to the BdU, reporting his successes with his 'dugout', he received the following praise from Dönitz:

An Wohlfarth: Gut gemacht!
(To Wohlfarth: Well done!)

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Guten Morgen!
Fred hows it feel that the tables are turned on the WSPD Cabal? Daily the supposed "NEWS" channel spews tainted reckless one-side hate to influence the weak of mind. Oh by the way no relation that I know of but he does have the family spirit! There I left a window for your Faux News Team.

Here's some real news that has originated outside Toledo. THIS STORY DID NOT START IN TOLEDO! I know you clowns at WSPD are going to try and spin this as a Kaptur plot.
GOP leader criticizes candidate for Nazi uniform
A top congressional Republican is criticizing a House GOP candidate from Ohio who wore a Nazi uniform during reenactments of World War II battles.

The Atlantic magazine reported last week that Ohio Republican Rich Iott has participated in the reenactments wearing a Waffen-SS uniform since 2003. Iott says he has been a historical reenactor in other venues for many years.

House Republicans' No. 2 leader, Eric Cantor of Virginia, says he repudiates Iott's actions and would not support someone who would do that.

Cantor's remarks came after Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida cited Iott as an example of GOP candidates she said are extreme.

Cantor and Wasserman Schultz appeared on "Fox News Sunday."

Read more:

Eric Cantor Seeks Distance From Rich Iott, GOP Candidate Who Dressed In Nazi Garb

Der Richie Iott our Führer

Auf Wiedersehen!

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I'm starting to think there's some strange sexual attraction between Wolfman and Fred. Why else would Fred google "Wohlfarth"?

Patience is a great virtue.

Was Herbert Wolfarth a proven liar too?

That tonnage seems awfully high.


We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

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