20 Factories Closed their doors in Toledo since 2000

Ask Marcy Kaptur what happened. She seems to know all about what happened at Food town. She should have some input into why thousands of Toledoans lost their jobs here and what she did with her office to try to stop it.

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all you'll get is crickets chirping

"Everyone knows" that these factory closings are all because Seaway closed Foodtown after Richie Rich Iott sold his company to them.

I saw it on a sMarmy Kaptur political ad so it must be true.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

She must be to "close to the gavel" to understand what has happened in her district in the last 15 years.

What a bunch of dummies you are. Marcy voted against NAFTA, knowing its consequences and, with her vote, risking the wrath of the president in power at the time, a Democrat. Are you old enough to remember? So, as she predicted, U.S. companies sent jobs overseas or to Mexico. True, some of the jobs went to different states rather than out of the country, but congresspersons have no control over business-incentive laws in their states, especially when a GOPer sits in the governor's chair. Which party controlled Ohio government for years until Strickland's election? Omigod! The Repubs! They lined their pockets while the jobs were shipped out. Do you dummies really believe the GOP money-changers care if you have a job or not? Sad thing is, NAFTA was agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans. Damn shame. I appreciate that Rep. Kaptur had the guts to oppose it from the outset. And, bless her, she still speaks against it. She is a woman of principle.

Patience is a great virtue.


How many years ago did NAFTA happen??!! How many years will kaptur continue to use this as her personal excuse for being such a poor representative? Is that the reason for her decades long inaction on Toledo's economy.?

Toledo is truly the Land That Time and Prosperity Forgot.
No wonder people have been fleeing in droves to GREENER ($$$) pastures.

Let's put her out in those pastures and get down to business!

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

I'm glad Marcy voted against it, but it was Ross Perot, a businessman, who warned of the consequences of NAFTA and the sucking sound of jobs leaving the country.

But of course at the time, who were people supposed to believe? Al Gore? A career politician whom everything he touches hurts the middle class? A career politician who went on CNN and lied about the virtues of NAFTA? A career politician who wouldn't know the first thing about running a company or creating jobs? Or Ross Perot? Some rich businessman who built his own company and created multitude of jobs? Why would anyone listen to him?

Political Championship Wrestling- putting politics in proper perspective by presenting it as pro wrestling.

Coming in January, a political satire about the sorry state of American Politics- Jesusland vs. Progressiveville.

There are other areas that have gained jobs since NAFTA and don't have as high of unemployment as Toledo does. How can they do it if NAFTA has been so horrible?

Who's the dummies again? I would say the states and congressmen and women who were creating jobs until the current congress stepped in.


Bueller....... Bueller....... Bueller......


A woman of principle, sitting next to the Holy Gavel--wow! And, what would a Republican businessman want with people getting jobs, and buying goods and services from them? All normal people, like wolfenheimer, know a welfare check goes a lot farther than a paycheck does. Do the math. That's why any new businesses(haha) starting up in Toledo, will start up in neighborhoods where most folks are on relief, instead of places where most people are on the job.

She's Catholic but supports abortion. She didn't support the stimulus under Bush but she voted for obama's!!!!! She's a money launderer. She teaches for profit companies how to gain non-proift status in order to still receive millions of dollars in earmarks. Which they turn around and give to her campaign. Why don't you tell us about her involvement with this PMA Group. I hear they are in some pretty hot water. She will not even have town hall meetings. The woman is a farce. She only panders to voters during election time. The farce is a political hack who needs to go. She follows what her party masters tell her to do. She's old and out of touch. She's a pig that feeds at the public trough and needs to go. She even won an award from the Citizens Against Government Waste, the July Porker of the Month. Here suey, suey!!!!

Oh and donwert, didn't you in another thread comment about the name calling? You're calling posters here idiots and dummies? What's wrong, confusing them with your mother again? Oh, and what is with the Tiger card????? Frack off!!!!!


Pamela, my humblest apology for using "idiots" and "dummies" to describe the idiots and dummies who post here. I'll try, in the future, to use such endearing terms as "booger eater" and "pig" when responding to those with whom I disagree. As far as the card, that's me, third-sacker for the Tigs, W.S. champs in '68. Not a good B.A., but I did a damn good job defending that left-field line. What's "frack off" mean? I'll take it as a term of endearment. Far out, man. Keep on truckin, Pam. Sock it to me.

Patience is a great virtue.

Not a Tiger Fan so the card does not impress me much. Maybe I should use the cover of the cd I made a few years ago. You should really stop living in the past. You're kind of like Al Bundy reliving his high school football career. But, I guess if that's all you have and it gets you through your day, go ahead. How come I've never heard of you??????

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