How Many Jobs Will Iott Bring to NW Ohio in His First Term?

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As a junior congressman he will be lucky to become a member of any committee that has any value to the citizens of northwest Ohio. He will not try to bring any of the money we pay in taxes back to Ohio because he does not believe in it.

Old South End Broadway

What has Kaptur done for you? 28 years and a dismal record in DC to show for it-- here and there. Iott's leaving YOUR money in YOUR pocket. It's not even going to DC so the Feds can take 90% and so kaptur can bring back 10% with a big check and big photo op.

I can't believe Toledoans are really that stupid. But then again after 28 years, were sure not sittin in clover around here. So maybe we get who we deserve, and who (unfortuately) gets the most votes.

I love Andrew Wilkow when he talks about the Zero Liability Voter. That defines a major chunk of Toledo proper.

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.-Ben Franklin

Tom, Iott just isn't a real option in an informed choice, just like Kaptur isn't. Once again, the sane person either leaves that portion of the ballot blank, or he writes in somebody else.

We already have Kaptur's measure. Like a minority in the Toledo area, she found a well-paying niche. Politics was probably easier than working for a living.

But Iott is a spoiled rich brat and he has no way of understanding the plight of the working man. The tax breaks he'd be seeking aren't going to help you, since unemployed people don't pay the taxes that they'd be getting breaks on. Once again, the issue is JOBS, and Iott-the-Job-Destroyer can't or won't do anything about that, and neither will Kaptur-the-Welfare-Case.

I'm beginning to suspect that worthwhile businessmen don't step forward to take Kaptur's place, since there aren't any in the Toledo area. The capitalists around here are uniformly vicious and have no personal philosophy outside of that formed by reading that bitch Ayn Rand.