Rats Relocating--To Toledo Neighborhoods.


First it was the population explosion among bedbugs. Now, according to todays' news reports, local construction has disrupted everyday life among Toledos' lively and vibrant rodent population. In other words, the rats are upset, and they're on the move-from local construction sites, and into our neighborhoods.

This begs several questions. First of all, was any sort of study conducted regarding vermin being rousted from of their nests, and into ours? Next, I'd like to know if the Health Department has tested any of the rats to see how many diseases they are infected with, e.g. bubonic plague. Third, is PITA aware there is the potential in Toledo for the rats being mistreated? How would YOU all like being trapped, like rats? Fourth, who's going to take care of this situation, i.e., pay for it?

Apparently, local community leaders(read-->democrats)either don't know, or more likely don't care about US having to live with insects and/or small, to medium sized rodents in OUR homes. In a way, I suppose lots of people living in nice, clean cribs in the DC area don't care, either.

It doesn't really make sense to play the blame game at this point. After all, all sane people agree that rats first appeared in Northwest Ohio about the same time European, big government liberals did. Both have been ruinous to Ohio, in equal parts, from Day One.

What I want to know is, why isn't anything being done about it? Sure, we can put poison out, but what if our kids get into it? Traps? I've already addressed that issue. I'm sure someone will bitch if we start opening fire on advancing columns of rioting rats, as well.

Maybe what we have here, is a clear need for government to help us out. Maybe our elected congressperson can sneak "The Gavel" out of the room, and use it to whack the these offensive and disease ridden vermin on the head. Or better yet, learn how to play the flute, and march the rats down Monroe St., straight into the Maumee River.

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Marcy Kaptur has something to do with it. Its a scare tactic in case the Foodtown bit don't work. If elected she will get her flute and march the rats out of town. This miracle will make her eligible for sainthood in the Holy Catholic Church. This is her ultimate goal.

Let's go with snakes instead. That way we can all hoist a pint.

Come to think of it the Board of Elections should be re-checking their voter registration due to these recent visitors.

Suppose if we have a rat cull the same people that protested the deer cull will protest killing the rats?

Yup Yup and the same crowd can stomp their feet because of what we're doing to the poor bed bugs. When it's all done we'll have cock roaches the size of NBA players.

Rats on the move in West Toledo

I like how The Blockade chose to cite construction as the trigger, then offhand mention the "large number of unsold vacant properties". West Toledo is falling to pieces with vacancies, and that will only get worse.

At least something is being done now about the rat population, instead of just denying it and letting the rats reach various population thresholds where much greater doom awaits.

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