A couple of recent court cases in our area got me thinking.

1. The case of the woman convicted of animal cruelty for having grossly underfed horses.
She was convicted, and received 42 days in jail and a fine of $8711.

2. The woman who was admittedly speeding and trying to "beat" a school bus. She struck and killed a 15 year old child. She got NO jail time, community control.

3. The woman in Oregon Ohio 5 years ago who reached for her cell phone, and hit and killed a 5 year old child who was getting off his bus. She got 18 months jail and 15 year license suspension.

4. The woman who, last August while driving on a suspended license caused a chain reaction accident that killed a 73 year old motorcyclist. She got no jail time, 100 days electronic monitoring.

I thought justice was supposed to be equal?

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....I'd like to see Sylvania get another judge like Marvin Lachin on the bench! Oh well, don't forget the civil court might see things differently-as in lawsuit time.

Nice post, Jeepmaker.

The theory is that law makers get together and decide possible punishments when none of them are under duress or involved in a similar case. Consider that if the lawmaker lost a family member to someone like Leigha Bishop, the possible sentence might run to 30 years at hard labor. Not that I think the sentence imposed is fair, because I don't. I'd cheerfully throw Bishop in prison for 5 or 10 years.

In the case of the neglected horses, I'd have provided one year for each horse, served consecutively.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

One would think she would have gotten at least thirty days for killing someone, a 15 year child no less. I hope the family sues the s**t out of her.

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