Obama's aunt still sponging off the system!

She's not so "honored" by the president usurper, the fraud and foreigner, since Obama/Soetoro/Obama abandoned her to welfare. Dishonesty apparently runs deep in that criminal family.

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Obama is a wealthy man and yet he selfishly has let his Kenyan aunt Zeituni Onyango remain in this country illegally, somehow collect $700 for some disability (even though she's never worked here so how did they determine her amount?), live illegally in public housing for years, and now she's done an interview where instead of expressing gratitude and repentance, she cops attitude and vainly attempts to justify her many illegal actions! She's making a mockery of everything and apparently showing how incompetent our politicians are since she's now in our face and getting away with it. How long will we tolerate her insolence? Contact your state representative and demand to know!

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