Anyone Going To The Kaptur Fundraiser Wednesday?

You all going to the Kaptur fundraiser on Wednesday? It's a little out of my budget constraints as you can see here I find it interesting that the Silverberg Associates throwing the party is run by Carl Silverberg a former investment banker. Correct me if I'm wrong, wouldn't that make him Wall Street instead of Main Street?

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Uh-oh. It appears the June Silverberg worked for the Corn Growers Association which was in favor of CAFTA, the Central America Free Trade Agreement. Ms. Kaptur voted no on that one, so it's hard to believe she'd be taking support from someone who was so passionate about getting it passed. Maybe it's a lack of moral center that allows her to do that.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Maybe Tom Noe could give me the money to go like he did Thurber and Owens back in the day.

Her last one is going to prison. She may have to give up her money he gave her.

Maybe James Traficant could extort the money to go. After all, the DEMOCRAP CRIMINAL was indicted on federal corruption charges for taking campaign funds for personal use.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

from anonymous lobbyist sources.

Ah, the fine print. Many of the individual donations Marcy gets are from lobbyists too.
Not to mention the $1000.00 donation from Carol Wedding earmarked through actblue, according to her filing with the FEC.

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