What will happen in 2 months?

Republicans will win both houses of the Legislature
39% (24 votes)
Republicans will win the House but not Senate
24% (15 votes)
Republicans will win the Senate but not House
2% (1 vote)
Dems will gain in the Senate but not the House
0% (0 votes)
Dems will gain in the House but not the House
2% (1 vote)
Dems will gain in both houses of the Legislature
6% (4 votes)
Republicans will make gains but won't win either house.
27% (17 votes)
Total votes: 62
No votes yet

What will happen will involve a bunch of area Liberals screeching and hooting like owls being burned alive. I'm going to love every second of it, too. Their party has completely fucked up their chance to provide leadership. It's time to give the House back to the Republicans.

Maybe you shouldn't have played with our trillions in tax money so freely, Liberals.

to see a tie in both chambers. That would equal stagnation. Neither party would have power. The federal government doing nothing might possibly be the best thing since BEFORE sliced bread. The president would become a lame duck. Two years of no action and the populous might just get angry enough to take back this country from the government and returned it to the governed, where it was meant to be. States, counties and cities would actually be forced to manage budgets without looking for a hand out from the feds. In other words, slowly returning government to the local level. No more unfunded mandates. The return of power to the states, adhering to the Constitution as written, not interpreted by activist judges, is our only salvation. In short, a revolution, to return to what the revolution was fought for in the first place.
Oh hell, I woke up, its was only a dream. The American citizen of today is to stupid. After a hundred years of public education, they only know how to stand in line with their hand out.
I'm sorry I wasted your time.


though you did forget to mention where the dream turns into nightmare because a 50-50 split in the Senate means that VP Biteme gets a hall pass to break the tie. But with any cloud comes the silver lining because I may go along with a 217.5-217.5 split in the House as long as we get to choose which representative gets cut in half.

Pelosi, if she is still there.