Are you willing to defy the obamacare mandate to pay for health insurance

I am wiling to go to jail before I pay for mandated coverage
82% (28 votes)
I will be give all I can
18% (6 votes)
Total votes: 34
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And I will take all I can

The federal government has no legal authority to force you to purchase a private product or service. Anyone who cares to differ must give here, in this thread, the text part of the US constitution where it says that they can.

The next time I am in a carry out and I see plastic jug with the picture of some poor son of a bitch with a terminal illness, who's getting ready to lose his house because he can't pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills because his insurance company told him to go fuck off, i'll whip out my pocket constitution and shove it in there. I don't want to go his spaghetti dinner anyway, right?
And I'll write, "Guest Zero reminded me that even though our health insurance industry is riddled with incompetence, corruption and indifference, our Constitution, written over 200 years ago by guys who wouldn't recognize our current existence, says nothing about taking care of each other, so you're screwed, rest in peace."
If only there were some other source that you conservative, republican, libertarian, christianists would find credible that also talks about taking care of the sick and the poor.
Damn, I just can't think of one.
Can you help me with that Zero? Any sources come to mind. Taking care of sick and poor? Maybe a book? Popular, well-circulated?
Get back to me on that will ya.

Progress 22, please re-read Guest Zero's post and please refrain from injecting your biased opinions that have nothing to do with what has been written!

Guest Zero said NOTHING about private party donations! He challenged YOU and anyone else to provide a reference in the US Constitution that allows the government to require you to purchase ANYTHING from a private entity. His point is simple, OBAMACARE IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! If YOU don't agree, prove us wrong.

Since YOU insist on labels, might I suggest one for YOU, SOCIALIST DEMOCRATIC MARXIST MAOIST. Do YOU have a problem with that?

Nothing is impossible for the person who doesn't have to do it!

Most of the law will be found unconstitutional. That compared to the number of states that are challenging it with a vote of the people most of it will get overturned.

Likewise the "Commerce Clause" which is what Congress used to create this law (in a very shaky interpretation of it) can only deal with interstate commerce. Intrastate commerce cannot be regulated by the federal government.

Meaning, if the state outlaws health insurance companies from out of state and only allows in-state they can get around the federal law totally and not be in violation of the law or the constitution since the law can only apply, per the constitution, to businesses out-of-state.

This law has more holes than swiss cheese. Hence why I am not really concerned about it. If it would have been written well I'd be concerned but it was written poorly which is why they didn't bother to read it before voting yes.


Progress22, I'm sorry, but your posting didn't contain any text from the US constitution. That must have been a simple oversight on your part, so allow me to assist you in correcting that mistake.

Here's a link to that document online, so you can easily obtain the text of the matter that authorizes the federal government to force you to purchase a private product or service:

I'll give you a few days to find the time to find the text you omitted and paste it here, so that I can become educated on the legality of this "Obamacare" thing that the Congress passed.

I wouldn't hold my breath GZ.

The fruits of MY labor are not a social commodity.