Misguided Minister in Florida finally calls off the burning of the Koran....



Doesnt mean that in other parts of the world the religion of peace isnt doing some buring of their own... And what did their victim do to get murdered after having to watch a policeman rape his wife??

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Hopefully the iman will also come to his senses.


Apples and Oranges?

One dislikes the muslim religion so he shows his hatred by burning one of their books (that he no doubt bought himself - so by our laws, it's his own property and legal.)

The others dislike the christian religion so they show their hatred by taking christians and burning and raping THEM...
(And by their laws, this is legal too...)

I was responding to Not Again's statement about the Imam changing his mind. I assumed he meant the Imam in New York concerning the Islamic Cultural Center being built near Ground Zero. Those two issues are apples and oranges. I don't know about anyone taking christians and burning and raping THEM..

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