Toledo City Council rejects raises for refuse, sewer workers

All voted against the raises except for one lone ding bat. Hopefully, the voters will wake up and see what she really stands for.

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It's sad that it takes this much effort to exert what should otherwise be the bare minimum of fiscal rectitude in this Liberal-drenched shithole of a city.

Twenty dollars of our tax money per hour just to drive an automated truck? That's as bad as the cashiers on the Turnpike who are paid the same just to make change.

There are a great many people out of work, and the jobs require little skill. Hence, cashiers and truck drivers should be low-paying jobs. All of them.

We need to utterly destroy the public unions so that future generations of Americans become militant whenever some subversive tries to bring them back.

Very good GZ. who was that stupid Communist dingbat that supported destruction of the the city of Toledo? I would like to know. The PEOPLE NEED TO STAND UP TO THE ROTTEN UNIONS THAT WANT TO BRING THE COUNTRY DOWN. The workers are being duped by communist thugs.

Hahaha, you stupid fool Lindsay Webb, the other communists on council are not as stupid as you! Hahahaha. Maybe barry o will save you. Or give you a job, as assistant to the commissariat of the Toledo soup kitchen. You stupid fool!!!!

Councilmen Steven Steel, Adam Martinez, and Michael Ashford voted for it before they were against it. These progressives should be run out of office too, that is if anyone gives a shit about Toledo.

Honestly how could Lindsay Webb advocate such huge pay increases to these city employees when the city is in such dire straights. What is wrong with this lady? I wonder if she is insane.

Does Lindsay have ties to stainbrook? That would be a good match of insanity. Just wandering.

The blade is not censoring the responses to the notification of Lindsey's vote. She is getting crucified.. Amazing, could the blade be against the unions, as long as they aren't theirs? hahahha.

sorry folks, i got carried away.

I wonder how everyone is going to feel when we have two months of garbage piled up because of a garbage strike?

Sorry, Joe, but that old strikefear won't work and you know it.

Firstly, unions no longer strike. Not really. They may strike for a short period of time, like a few weeks, but they don't have the stomach for it. It's more like they don't have the wallet for it. The funny thing is, the members of the striking union are so deep in debt that they cannot survive the financial blow of the strike. We all know this.

Secondly, we can always just truck our own garbage away. Or burn it. Or dump it on the ample grounds of union palaces. Just look at all the space available for dumping at that UAW site on the AWT. Plenty of space for pulling up your truck and dumping out a few bagloads of trash before they can do anything about it. The police can't catch us all.

Thirdly, we the people will not be held hostage to a privileged class of nitwit who thinks that even during this Second Great Depression, they can continue to obtain high wages and strong benefits.

Let's put this to the test. I'm ready. Are you?

Now, under the old system, where the guys had to hop off the truck and hoist the garbage up into the truck by hand, I'd say it's well worth 21 bucks an hour.
Sitting in an air conditioned truck and pushing a button?.....not so much.

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

If we use your logic the people in Government Center should work for free.

Considering the generosity of their benefits packages and overall low rate of work, they should be working for zero wages.

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