Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action

Can you believe this!!! Hahaha, where is Mike Bell's head?

Da Blade says: "In other business, council Tuesday night:
•Confirmed several of Mayor Bell's directors and commissioners. Council voted 9-3 to confirm Perlean Griffin, the city's director of affirmative action. Voting against were Mr. Waniewski, Mr. Collins, and Mr. McNamara."

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Arizona politics today. Maybe tomorrow they can tackle the war effort or the National economy since they don't seem interested in resolving any problems in Toledo.,

I thought Toledo got rid of its affirmative action office. Is something going on?

James Adams

Not Again, I read the link in your post. Sounds like the author is not a big fan of those two people. Has anyone determined what the author said to be true?

James Adams

A few years ago a Director for the City of Toledo drove through an intersection against a red light and was involved in a serious car accident. It was found that he was drunk when the accident ocurred, yet City Council confirmed him. I guess that was okay since most of us never heard about it.

I ran into some people at Chuchhills Saturday and they said there are some very nasty things about the cases that are being kept quite. I imagine it will surface eventually.

James Adams

Not Again is not to be taken too seriously. He is the dynamic that you want to say to "Not again, Not Again!" or "oh, no not again!"

Bloggers on this site say the same thing about you, purnht. Who should we believe?

Not Again, after all why should I be taken seriously?

a business manager for TPS had a few TPS school board members under investigation by a private investigative firm with tax payer dollars because the superintndent Eugene Sanders) said that he heard that a new board member could be a problem because of some serious issues.
Well, rumor has it that one of the new members had a real problem that everybody is trying to sweep under the rug including the Blade. The member left the school board and went to city council........hmmmmm why are you trying to sweep this secret happening under the rug? Hmmmmm

lots of people know about it........I can't reveal cause I am not a credible

Why would Mayor Bell hire Perlean Griffin as the city's director of affirmative action? That is the question that hasn't been answered. Does it make sense? If so, how is it in the city's best interest?

My experience with affirmative action over the years is to promote a program to identify disgruntled employees, get them to tell their issues and then find a way to get rid of them. People who understand this concept will not go near an affirmative action office. I worked as a HR Manager for a a large telephone company for over thirty years and that is the way we did it.

James Adams

Hey Toot what group of scum bags did you work with? Affirmative Action was meant to make sure the racist stopped giving all the good jobs to one group of people. I quess your company was selecting people for the firing squad.

You are on top of your game today. That's what happened to anyone who came to us and talked about harrassment or discrimination. In most instances the complaining parties were fired, laidoff or tranferred in less than six months.

James Adams

shameful! Shameful!

Affirmative Action was meant to level the playing field for everyone, but the old masters decided to use it to fill quotas imposed by the government. Hence, the perception of Affirmative Action became a method for imposing another sterotype on women and minorities. The perception that they were placed in positions or given opportunities without having the qualifications or experience. In some cases the people placed in positions because of Affirmative Action weren't qualified, but most of them were qualified. Regardless of how qualified they were they were still perceived to be incompetent. Add insult to injury, those people who had enjoyed Affirmative Action since this country was founded became enraged and created a backlash, trying to convince the world they were being discriminated against. To make this new found position relevent, some institutions abandoned Affirmative Action or they found individuals to head up the Affirmative Action Departments who snitched on anyone who complained about inequality or harrassment and paved the way for the complaintants to be punished in some way. The true test of what an institution's effectiveness to promote equal opportunity and to eliminate harassment can be determined by looking at its history. The question needs to be asked - what is the history of an organization's Affirmative Action Program and the personnel who run the program? Do they make sure there is equal opportunity or do they focus on identifying so called trouble-makers and guarantee the complaintants' punishment?

James Adams

I appreciate your truthfulness based on this issue. Hope it stays that way., welcome...

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I think the name of Affirmative Action should be changed. It's current title has the wrong perception. I think it should be called the "Equal Opportunity Administration". EOA.

I take my suggestion back. "EOA" sounds too much like "EEO".

Why do we need affirmative action and that shows that us Americans believe in equal opprtunity, doesn't it?

James Adams

I don't think the majority in this country have a clue what equal opportunity is. My observation is that the majority feel that a person of non-European decent with a degree in medicine is only qualified to be a nurses aide or an orderly. Somewhere there has to be a mechanism to make sure all citizens are treated fairly. I don't know what the answer is, but I can recognize inequality when I see it. Because we have a so-called Black President many of the majority are boasting, "see, we have a Black President, we must have equal opportunity." It appears to me that Obama is representing all the people instead of representing just the majority like most other Presidents have done in the past. Fancy that, a Predident who represents all the people in our great nation. What a novel idea.

Submitted by joe glotz on Fri, 2010-08-20 07:10.
"It appears to me that Obama is representing all the people instead of representing just the majority like most other Presidents have done in the past. Fancy that, a Predident who represents all the people in our great nation. What a novel idea."

No offense intended joe, but are are you, deaf dumb and blind?

No, I'm none of those. I've been around since Truman was president. I've lived through some interesting times and I've seen the best and worst in all the Presidents. People refer to Obama as a Black President. People forget he is just as much White as he is Black.

His policies attack those who work hardest.

His policies reward those that will not better themselves.

His policies create mediocrity.

Everyone in America has the same opportunities. Some have the knowledge and/or work ethic to acheve greatness. Some do not.

But to expect that everyone deserves a 4 bedroom, two bath McMansion, cars and healthcare just because they are American is silly. If an individual is willing to give up part of their life going to college, they should be rewarded with more money and thereby more "stuff". If a person is willing to give up part of their home life to work, they should be rewarded for their work ethic.

It is an extension of the old "Guns and Butter" debate.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

I believe, if you don't work, you don't eat, but for years and still today, disinfranchized people who get a good education and work hard are screwed by those who think they have entitlement just because their ancestors came from Western Europe. The truth is, the invaders from Western Europe stole America from the Native Americans and then slaughtered them. They kidnapped African slaves to do all their work. They beat and abused orientals who built most of the railroads in the 1800's. Today, the weakest of the weak from Western-European decent think all non-Europeans should accept shabby pay, have no benefits and have a crappy lifestyle. The days of the slave master and the slave are over, my friend. "LCBM" I have read your blasphemy over and over and over and over. Actually you sound like a socialist yourself, a national socialist. In case you don't remember who they are, they are the one's who were responsible for the deaths of 60 million human beings during WWII. They thought they should have everthing and the other 99.99% of the world should be their slaves and have nothing. Whether you like it or not America should be taking care of America and Americans, not fighting unecessary wars and wasting money on everybody else. I don't know about you, but I'm going to take care of myself first and then if I have something left over I'll help the other guy. May the grace of God be with you, "LCBM"

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