TPS's Rhetoric and Reality: Coffee with the Fords, presents Lisa Sobecki TPS board member.

"Coffee with the Fords" presented an interesting guest today, none other than Toledo Public School Board Vice President Lisa Sobecki (soccer mom, democratic something or other and Boy Scout leader) discussing the upcoming levy that will put more money into the coffers of TPS.

Ms. Sobecki was interviewed by Mr. Jack Ford, TPS school board member, the perception being that they do not really have a relationship. The main thrust of the commentary was the question, "what will it take to pass this levy." The answer being "that the community has to trust TPS." Yet they continued to lie about the condition of TPS.

Ms. Sobecki brought up Leverette Middle school and the great things happening there. She mentioned that years ago this was a problem school but now the school is different and brand new! If this school is so great why does she not send her boys there? They should be in middle school by now, however they will not be able to partake of the great things occuring there because they will be attending Ottawa River which is expanding to become a K-8 school. Leverette would be the school that they would attend if their mom had not intervened using her position on the board to bring about the K-8 concept at Ottawa River.

The community just wants honesty from the school board. Just be truthful.

Leverette has a history of predators in charge of the students, abusing students both sexually and physically. In 2002 the African American Parents' Association was instrumental in bringing charges against Leverette teacher Charles Poznanski for his sexual misconduct with 12 and 13 year old female students. He was evenutally convicted and relieved of his teaching license.

In 2008 Harry Weatherholt was convicted of sexual misconduct with a 13 year old child while employed as a campus protection officer. The Blade reported "According to testimony in Lucas County Common Pleas Court, the molester carefully cultivated or "groomed" the little girl, buying her presents, including a Nintendo game, talking to her on the phone, and writing her passes so she could get out of class to be with him." This all under the eyes of the principal Steve Riddle and the board of education which is right across the street from the school. Mr. Weatherholt is also said to be the brother of Dan Burns convicted thief of Cleveland Public School funds and alleged thief of over $600,000 from the Toledo Public School System.

In 2010 the principal of Leverette Steve Riddle resigned under questionable circumstances which turned out to be another incident of sexual misconduct involving a student. He was writing sexually explicit text messages to a young student. This happening right across the street from the Board of Education, with parents complaining to the board and never getting a response.

Leverette is not the school I would send my daughter to because of the predatory nature of the staff. But I know about these problems. What about the parents who don't know and they see on a television show two school board members touting the greatness of the school. If it is so great, Ms. Sobecki send your children there.

The public wants honesty. Just tell it like it is. Say that you are making changes and that you hope for the best. When you put your children where you want us to put our children then that is when the community may believe you. Actions speak louder than words. It is my understanding that Mr. Ford attempted to provide his daughter with a TPS education but pulled her out when Start became a problem school (fights, stabbings etc.) even though they (Mr. Ford and Ms. Sobecki) portrayed Start as a great TPS school option. Put your children where your mouth is.

The Toledo Public School System is broken. For the majority of its students who don't have a parent or grandparent who is a school board member the future of an education looks bleak. As Don Bunard wrote in the Free Press recently about another subject, TPS needs to "have a rendezvous with reality." Tell the truth, stop lying to the people who have given you their children.

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Oink, Oink, Oink!

And this coming from a guy who encourages us to vote in favor of every levy.

I for one like my money and need it now more than ever.


of the above-lack of trust and lies and more lies-who can afford more taxes?

You know PurnHrt, when you hit one you really send it out of the park. This is a good post you wrote.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Just trying to keep it real. Before you know it, November will be here and the spin specialists will make TPS seem like Harvard and people will be saying, "yes, I am going to vote for this levy because it is for the children."

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